EdS in Administrative Leadership

Educational Specialist program at George Fox University

The Educational Specialist (EdS) in Administrative Leadership equips educators in K-12 schools wanting to be successful servant leaders who create and sustain collaborative learning organizations.

The EdS program supports the development of administrators who can:

  • Critically evaluate and apply current research
  • Analyze educational trends
  • Gather and use evidence appropriately
  • Promote and guide best practices in student and adult learning.

This curriculum provides a comprehensive framework from ethical, legal, social, political and historical perspectives within a Christian worldview.

Two Pathways to the Degree

EdS in Administrative Leadership

The EdS in Administrative Leadership is a 32-semester credit program designed to prepare students for administrative positions. Students who earn this degree can earn the Preliminary Administrative License (formerly Initial Administrative License) in two years and complete the degree in three years while beginning work toward the Professional Administrative License.

EdS in Administrative Leadership Plus ProAL

Another option is the EdS in Administrative Leadership Plus Professional Administrative License (formerly Continuing Administrative License). This program adds 11 hours, making it a 43-semester credit program, and provides students with both their Preliminary Administrative License (PreAL) and Professional Administrative License (ProAL) within the EdS degree. Students following this pathway will typically earn the PreAL after two years and complete the ProAL and the EdS degree in five years.

Administrative Practicum and the Capstone Project

The EdS Capstone Project is designed to provide students with a significant experience engaging in collaborative leadership, making a difference in their school or district, and enriching the profession. Students will identify a change initiative at their school or district, participate as a leader in that work, and use the project as an opportunity to satisfy many of the practicum requirements of the PreAL.