Higher Education Specialization

George Fox University

The Higher Education Specialization is for professionals working in or preparing to work in colleges and universities in the areas of:

  • Student life
  • Admission
  • Enrollment management
  • Financial aid
  • Institutional advancement or fund raising

This specialization draws upon existing courses within the EDFL department and upon faculty and administrators at George Fox with diverse experiences in the areas outlined above and with doctoral research on these areas of higher education.

Specialization courses are a blend of face-to-face classroom meetings, online classes, and face-to-face/online hybrid classes. Summer classes meet at our Newberg campus (affordable housing is available for long-distance students); spring and fall classes are taught mostly online with a few evening/weekend classes.

MEd with Higher Education Specialization Requirements

Foundations Core (7 hours - these courses must be taken at George Fox)

The foundations courses in the Master of Education program at George Fox University provide both breadth and depth of critical thinking skills, leading to transformation of a candidate’s professional practice. These courses are uniquely designed to build upon the School of Education conceptual framework: think critically, transform practice, and promote justice.

Research Core (8 hours - these courses must be taken at George Fox)

The research courses in the Master of Education program at George Fox University provide each candidate with the knowledge and skills to effectively use educational research and data leading to improvement in their practice.  For the final capstone of the research courses, each candidate designs a research project unique to their own professional situation, examining a specific educational problem or issue in either their classroom or school.

Higher Education Specialization (23 hours)

Complete the following required 19 semester hours of educational leadership courses and practica:
EDFL 505 Trends and Issues in Higher Education (3 hrs)
EDFL 519 Practicum (2 hrs - arranged either at Geoge Fox or another approved college setting with an experienced mentor)
EDFL 634 Adult Development in Educational Organizations (2 hrs)
EDFL 651 Strategic Planning (2 hrs)
EDFL 653 Organizational Change and Decision Making (2 hrs)
EDFL 675 Faith and Learning Seminar: Faith Development (1 hr)
EDFL 682 Legal Perspectives on Educational Policy (3 hrs)
EDFL 685 Counseling in Higher Education (3 hrs)
EDFL 694 History of American Higher Education (3 hrs)

Select 4 semester hours from the following courses or another approved EDFL course:
EDFL 642 Student Life: Issues, Policy, and Planning (2 hrs)
EDFL 643 Enrollment Issues: Marketing and Retention (2 hrs)
EDFL 644 Advancing the Organization: Fund Raising (2 hrs)

For complete course listings and information, please see the GFU Graduate Catalog.

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Admission Information:
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