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The reading specialization program is for classroom teachers preparing for specialized work in diagnosing reading difficulties and improving reading instruction in their own classroom, or as a reading specialist in a school at either the early childhood/elementary or at middle level/high school levels.

Students may declare Reading as a specialization within their Master of Education program or complete the specialization courses as a license-only candidate to be recommended for a Reading endorsement on their teaching license.

Students may also complete their Continuing Teaching License (6 hours) within the restricted electives that support the Reading Specialization and the elective courses.

To meet the approved program for a reading endorsement at George Fox University, the student must complete a minimum of 13 semester hours of graduate subject matter distributed to strengthen the applicant's background in reading (OAR 584-0404-0230) and complete a praticum at one or two levels (OAR 584-060-0071).

In addition to the course requirements, including a practicum, the candidate for the reading endorsement must also successfully complete the Praxis Reading Specialist Exam in order to be recommended for licensure. The course work for this specialty has been designed to provide a broad base of understandings about successful reading methods, programs and assessments, but also to prepare the individual to successfully complete the Reading Specialist Exam.

Specialization courses are a blend of face-to-face classroom meetings, online classes, and face-to-face/online hybrid classes. Summer classes meet at our Newberg, Oregon, campus (affordable housing is available for long distance students); spring and fall classes are taught online with a few evening/weekend classes.

MEd with Reading Specialization Requirements

Foundations Core (7 hours - these courses must be taken at George Fox)

EDFL 670 Ethical Foundations in Education (3 hrs)
EDFL 671 Ethical Perspectives on Educational Leadership (3 hrs)
EDFL 703 Bibliographic Research and Writing (2 hrs)
EDFL 505 Foundations of Education (2 hrs)

Research Core (8 hours)

Complete the following course:
EDFL 700 Survey of Qualitative and Quantitative Research (3 hrs)

Select one of the following:
EDFL 706 Experimental Research Designs (2 hrs)
EDFL 707 Survey Research Designs (2 hrs)
EDFL 708 Program Evaluation Designs (2 hrs)
EDFL 709 Ethnographic Research Designs (2 hrs)
EDFL 710 Historical Research Designs* (2 hrs)
EDFL 716 Action Research Designs (2 hrs)
* Prerequisite(s) required for this course. Consult your advisor for more details.

Complete research hours with advisor and research project committee:
EDFL 711 Master's Project Proposal (1 hr)
EDFL 712 Master's Project Research (1 hr)
EDFL 713 Master's Project Presentation (1 hr)
EDFL 715 Master's Project Research II (1-4 hrs - optional: if project not completed while enrolled in EDFL 713)

Reading Specialization (18 hours)

Complete the following 11 semester hours:
EDFL 530 History and Foundations of Literacy Learning (2 hrs, must be taken in the first two semesters)
EDFL 531 Analysis of Reading and Writing Assessment (2 hrs)
EDFL 532 Advanced Strategies in Literacy Instruction (2 hrs)
EDFL 534 Issues and Applications of Literacy Instruction (2 hrs)
EDFL 538 Organization of Reading Programs (3 hrs)

Complete one of the authorization level combinations - 4 hours:
Early Childhood/Elementary Authorization courses:
EDFL 537 Emergent Literacy (2 hrs)
EDFL 539 Early Childhood/Elementary Reading Practicum (2 hrs, prerequisites: EDFL 530, 531, 532 and 538; or by permission)

Elementary/Middle Level Authorization courses:
EDFL 536 Reading and Writing in the Content Area (2 hrs)
EDFL 537 Emergent Literacy (2 hrs)
EDFL 540 Elementary/Middle Level Reading Practicum (2 hrs, prerequisites: EDFL 530, 531, 532 and 538; or by permission)

Middle Level/High School Authorization Courses:
EDFL 536 Reading and Writing in the Content Area (2 hrs)
EDFL 541 Middle Level/High School Reading Practicum (2 hrs, prerequisites: EDFL 530, 531, 532 and 538; or by permission)

Select 3 hours from the following restricted electives that support the reading specialization:
EDFL 500 Foundations of Teaching and Learning** (3 hrs)
EDFL 501 Curriculum Development** (2 hrs)
EDFL 503 Classroom Assessment (3 hrs)
EDFL 505 Trends and Issues in Education (3 hrs)
EDFL 506 Research in Effective Teaching** (3 hrs)
EDFL 515 Special Topics in Curriculum and Instruction (1-3 hrs)
EDFL 515 NZ New Zealand (2 hrs)
EDFL 533 Advanced Studies in Children's and Adolescent Literature (2 hrs)
EDFL 570 Applied English Linguistics: Oral and Literacy Focus (3 hrs)
EDFL 624 Developing Curriculum with New Technologies** (2 hrs)
EDFL 638 Testing and Measurement (2 hrs)
EDFL 651 Strategic Planning for Education Systems** (2 hrs)
** Research, unit and major project should have a reading/writing-literacy focus, if possible.


(Select 5 hours of electives from the restricted electives that support the reading specialization, from the EDFL curriculum, or from transfer hours.)

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