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Portland Center Library

Book a Portland Study Room

Please note that you must have your student ID card to access the Portland Center.

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How do I book a study room?

You can instantly book a study room from your mobile device at any time by visiting the library website or going directly to the booking calendar for your campus library: Newberg Campus Library  |  Portland Center Library

Click the boxes for the room and time slots you want to book (up to four hours). Fill out the form and click "submit my booking."

I don’t have a mobile device with an Internet connection. Can I book a study room another way?

Study rooms can be booked from any computer connected to the internet. Visit the library website to book a study room. Students, faculty, and staff can log in to any of the library computers with their MyGeorgeFox credentials and submit an instant booking from there.

What if I need to change my room booking?

When you place a study room booking, you receive a confirmation email. A room booking can be canceled at any time by clicking the link provided in the email. If you encounter any issues with this process, you are welcome to contact your campus library for assistance.

Can I have the room for longer than four hours?

Bookings are limited to four hours at a time. However, because the rooms are first come, first serve, if there are no bookings after your time slot, you are welcome to stay in the room.

Can I reserve the room for a university event that will last longer than four hours?

Requests for any room usage beyond what is stated in the policy should be directed to the appropriate person for each campus. For Newberg, please contact Mary Cameron, and for Portland, please contact Robin Ashford.

Can I reserve the room for a regular class meeting time?

Faculty and staff may book rooms only for occasional ad hoc meetings of professional academic groups or activities related to the George Fox community. Occasional exceptions are granted at the Portland Center Library in coordination with the registrar’s office.

I can’t remember what room I booked. What do I do?

Every time you book a room, you will receive a confirmation email that lists the room number for your reference. You can also view the list of today’s confirmed bookings on the booking calendar webpage for your location to see what room you booked.

I can’t find the room I booked. What do I do?

Each room is marked with a room number on the sign by or on the door. Since the rooms are spread throughout the building, you are welcome to ask for assistance at the front desk. We are happy to direct you to your booked room!

Someone is in the study room I booked. What do I do?

You are welcome to politely let them know you have a confirmed booking for the room. A list of the day’s confirmed bookings appears on the booking calendar webpage for your location. If someone refuses to leave, you may ask for assistance at the front desk.

Can I eat in the study rooms?

Yes. Food and covered beverages are welcome.

I can’t get the study room technology to work. Who can help me?

There are instructions located below the monitors for connecting via VGA, HDMI, and AirPlay. If you are still encountering issues, you are welcome to contact IT Support at your location.

If you need assistance after IT Support service hours, you are welcome to check in with library staff at the front desk for troubleshooting.