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What is interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loan service is provided when George Fox University faculty, staff and currently enrolled students, need materials not in the George Fox University library collections or the Summit catalog. Books, journal articles and microfilm are provided for George Fox patrons from other libraries across the country.

May I request interlibrary loan service if I am not a faculty member, staff member or currently enrolled student?

George Fox University alumni, community patrons and pastors should request interlibrary loan service from their local library.

When should I request interlibrary loan service?

You should request interlibrary loan service if the materials you need are unavailable at the George Fox University libraries, any of the Orbis-Cascade Alliance (Summit) libraries, or from the free web.

For physical items such as books, please check for the material's availability using George Fox Primo, the library search interface. You can narrow your search to items held at George Fox and Summit libraries by selecting "GFU + Summit" in the search box drop down menu. If your book is not available at George Fox or through Summit, please submit an interlibrary loan request.

For journal articles, please check for the material's availability using George Fox Primo. You can check George Fox journal holdings by typing the title into the search box. When you find the record for the journal title, click the "get it" link to view print holdings and the "view it" link to view electronic holdings.

How long does it take to fill an interlibrary loan request?

Although some requests are filled in less time, please allow at least a week for your materials to arrive. Books shipped from across the country may take up to two to three weeks to arrive.

How do I know when my library requests are filled?

You can check the status of your requests. If your article request has been filled, you will be able to download it. You will also receive a notification that your article has arrived via your George Fox email account.

Likewise you will receive a notice when your item has arrived or you can check the status of your request. Students in off-campus programs may have their items mailed to their home address or delivered to their off-campus site.

Are there charges for interlibrary loan service?

George Fox University libraries provide free interlibrary loan service, except when the charges from lending libraries or the copyright fees exceed $25.00 per request. If that is the case, then the library staff will contact you before processing your requests to see if you are willing to pay the charges over $25.00.

If you have questions, call the Newberg campus interlibrary loan department at 503-554-2423.

Copyright Restrictions

  • During a single calendar year, a maximum of five articles published within the past five years from any single journal may be requested by the library.
  • During a single calendar year, only one article per issue from any single journal published within the last five years may be requested by the patron.
  • Requests for a book chapter must not exceed 10% of the book's total length.

If a requested submission conflicts with copyright guidelines, the Interlibrary Loan Coordinator will contact you to discuss available options.

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