Our 90-credit CRNA program employs a hybrid model consisting of online courses, face-to-face immersive learning experiences, simulations, and clinical residencies. The program comprises nine 13-week semesters and takes three years to complete with no summers off.

The program’s modified front-loaded model allows students to complete first-year courses almost entirely online. One-week immersions for clinical labs and simulation will be required in Semesters 1-6 at the university’s Portland Center.

Semester 1 (12 Credits)

Semester 2 (12 Credits)

Semester 3 (12 Credits)

Semester 4 (12 Credits)

Semester 5 (9 Credits)

Semester 6 (8 Credits)

Semester 7 (8 Credits)

Semester 8 (8 Credits)

Semester 9 (9 Credits)

Note: Curriculum is subject to change in accordance with Council on Accreditation guidelines.

Clinical Hours

Residency 1
390 hours available

Residency 2
390 hours available

Residency 3
520 hours available

Residency 4
520 hours available

Residency 5
520 hours available

2,340 hours

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