Appealing a Course Grade

Appropriate grounds for grade appeals include situations in which the grade given is alleged to be inconsistent with the course syllabus or in which inappropriate professional conduct or unfairness have influenced the grade.

In order to appeal a grade, students must be prepared to document performance on all course work and explain why the student’s grade is not consistent with the course expectations expressed in the syllabus.

Student meets with faculty member to discuss rationale for grade change.

The student wishing to appeal a course grade must meet with the faculty member within the first three (3) academic weeks, following the awarding of the disputed grade. After meeting with the faculty member, the student may elect to pursue the appeal.

Students wishing to pursue an appeal must do so within ten (10) working days of meeting with the faculty member through this online Grade Appeal Form.

The College Dean discusses appeal with the faculty member and student.

A decision is rendered by the College Dean and communicated in writing from the dean to the faculty member and the student. A copy is kept in the Academic Affairs Office (in the Grade Appeals file). If a change of grade is granted, the Grade Change form is submitted to the Registrar along with the Grade Appeal form and correspondence copy.

The College Dean’s decision may be appealed to the Academic Appeals Board.

To request a hearing, the student or faculty member must submit a written appeal to the Academic Appeals Board within ten (10) working days after receipt of the written decision from the College Dean.

Academic Appeals Board decides whether or not to hear the appeal.

If the Board meets to consider the appeal, then the decision is submitted in writing to the Provost, faculty member, College Dean, Registrar, and the student. 

The decision made by the Academic Appeals Board is final.