ASC Minutes: 2-6-2012

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February 6, 2012

18.1 Things in the Last Week; Hot Seat : Joshua

18.2 PRAYER: Carly

18.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:50


· All are present with Wesley Jones joining us as Supreme Court Representative. Joshua will join us later.


18.5 Coin Drive

· Proposal: $300 from the Social Responsibility Fund for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (S-AAC) coin drive for the Special Olympics

· The money raised will be going to the organization and S-AAC will not be keeping any for S-AAC or other GFU students.

· The funds raised will be going towards supporting these games (more specifically the athletes themselves and the costs of the games…transportation, equipment costs, facility expenses, etc)

· Call to Question: Kevin

· Seconded: Stephanie

· Pass: 6-0-0

18.6 Student Organizations- Stephanie A


· Hawaii Club

· Call to Question: Stephanie

· Seconded: Carly

· Pass: 6-0-0

Extend Probation

· International Justice Mission

· Call to Question: Kevin

· Seconded: Carly

· Pass: 6-0-0


· Sophilo

· This is their second time on probation and Stephanie has not seen any improvement from them

· Call to Question: Carly

· Seconded: Kevin

· Pass: 6-0-0

18.7 Retreats Proposal- Josh

· $4,500 to be used on the upcoming campus retreats

· $6,215 remaining from retreat budget for Spring Retreat

· If 55 men go x $74 a piece = $4,070

· If 85 women go x $74 a piece= $6,290

· $4,070 + $6,290= $10,360.

· $10,360-$6,215 left for Spring Retreat= $4,145. This does not include snacks/crafts/activities/compensation for speaker

· This is a great opportunity for students to get together and learn/worship together. If we have the means to make this happen, I don’t understand what the hang up is– Carly

· We could look at this per person instead of a block amount. Give up $78.60/person up to $4,500- Alex

· This retreat is one of ASC’s biggest events as far as how long it is, how many people go, etc. By putting on a good retreat we are fulfilling a duty as ASC members- Josh

· Proposal to Amend to $32.14/person up to $4,500

· Call to Amend: Kevin

· Seconded: Alex

· Motion to Amend Passes: 6-0-1

· Call to question: Stephanie

· Seconded: Carly

· Motion Passes: 6-0-1

18.8 Community Life Fund- Kevin

· $338 towards the Penn 1 and Women for a snowboarding trip in February.

· $13 for each resident attending. 26 residents signed up.

· Call to Question: Kevin

· Seconded: Carly

· Pass: 6-0-0


Elections- Kevin

· Applications are now out.

· No one on Central can sign petitions

· Applications are due on February 16th.

· Monday the 13th is elections night. Voting will begin that night.

· Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (14th, 15th, and 16th) is voting.

· Thursday night (17th) is counting ballots nights at 7 pm

Diversity Forum- Liz

· Wednesday, Feb. 15th. Come to discuss and learn. 8-9:30


Monthly Reports

Jenny and Tyler Band concert in Bauman at 7:00 pm, this Wednesday

Polar Bear swim next Wednesday at Tilikum- anyone van certified? Carly, take the test.

Dating Game this Friday!- Go

Be encouraging/looking for applicants

Prepare yourselves for the week of March 12th-16th

Liz- reminder e-mail about the diversity forum and Valentines party

Next Monday is ASC CC meeting Valentine’s party- bring Valentines for everyone!