ASC Minutes: 2-13-2012





February 13, 2012


19.1 Opening with highs/lows


19.2 PRAYER: Emily


19.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:55

19.4 ROLL CALL: All are present. Josh will be joining shortly.






19.5 Social Responsibility/March of Dimes


·     Request of $1,000 to the March of Dimes through Team Carly and the TwentyFive Weekers.


·     Walk will be April 28, 2012 in Portland 


·     We have given money to this in years past- Emily 


·     Now entititled “WalkforBabies” in Portland, March of Dimes raises money to educate families who have babies born prematurely. The funds also provide exams and education to those expecting babies in hopes they will have their baby at full term 


·     Call to Amend to $500: Kevin


·     Second: Carly


·     Motion to Amend passes: 6-0-0


·     Call to Question: Stephanie


·     Seconded: Carly


·     Pass: 6-0-0


19.6 Constitutional Amendment- Resignation


·     Proposal to amend Article VII, Section 6, Subsection A, Number ii in the Constitution


·     (Amendment in yellow): “The responsible Central Committee member must inform the rest of the ASC Central Committee and the Associate Dean of Student Leadership within a week during a Central Committee meeting that a letter of resignation have been received by a member of his/her Standing Committee.”

·     Call to Question: Carly


·     Seconded: Stephanie


·     Pass: 6-0-0


19.7 Constitutional Amendment- CAB Assignments


·     Proposal to amend Article XIV, Section 1, Subsection 2 (E), in the Consitution


·     (Amendment in yellow): “Half of the Supreme Court Representatives serve on CAB (Community Accountability Board) each semester.”


·     Call to Question: Stephanie


·     Seconded: Carly


·     Pass: 6-0-0


19.8 Community Life Fund


·     Proposal: $280.50 for the female residents of Edwards to have a bowling night at Big Al’s Bowling Alley in Beaverton on February the 17th.


·     $8.25/person up to 34 people 


·     Call to Question: Carly


·     Seconded: Stephanie


·     Pass: 6-0-0


19.9 GPA Grace Proposal


·     Proposal to allow Student A to run for the position of President in the office of ASC Central Committee; corresponding with Article III, section 2.c of the ASC Constitution of George Fox University


·     After taking certain difficult courses, Student A’s GPA dropped below the required 3.0. 


·     There was just one class that was the main cause for this 


·     Student A’s current grades are good, and he is working towards raising it even more, and is very close- Stephanie 


·     A past student who was president with a GPA below a 3.0 was able to handle the position and increase his GPA. More frequently, GPAs of Central Committee members decrease rather than increase- Kristy 


·     Student A’s courses will be easier and more manageable next semester. This was the toughest semester for Student A – Liz 


·     GPA is extremely important for grad schools, etc, and to have to focus on increasing GPA at the same time as taking on role of President, concerns me.- Kevin

·     This vote is just for eligibility to run, not actually voting Student A into the position- Kristy

·     Stipulation for this decision is that Student A keeps a 2.8 or higher

·     Call to Question: Carly

·     Seconded: Emily

·     Pass: 5-0-1



Retreat- Emily

Letter to SPIL House- Josh



Gather snow gear for retreat! Bring a game