ASC Minutes: 2-20-2012



February 20, 2012

20.1 3 Things in the Last Week; Hot Seat- Carly

20.2 PRAYER:

20.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:59

20.4 ROLL CALL: Emily

·      All are present. Josh will be joining



20.5 Official Travel Proposal- Carly

·      Proposal: $1,400 for KFOX broadcasters to travel to the Sweet-16 in the mid-west, in order to broadcast the women’s basketball games. 

·      $850 for plane tickets and bags, $360 for hotel, $100 for food, $50 for rental car, $40 for gas

·      Location of game is not yet decided. Location is based on who wins. But they will be traveling for sure.- Carly

·      Does KFOX get any money from the games? Ticket sales, etc?- Lauren (answer: no)

·      The sooner the decision can be made, the better, because the longer you wait for tickets, the more expensive they become- Carly

·      This seems like a good use of student money, because a lot of students will be listening to these games on the radio- Lauren

·      Call to Question: Stephanie

·      Seconded: Carly

·      Pass: 5-0-1

20.6 Community Life Fund- Kevin

·      Proposal: $320.96 for the HMS End of the Year BBQ.

·      Students affected: 160

·      Call to Question: Carly

·      Seconded: Emily

·      Pass: 6-0-0

20.7 Community Life Fund- Kevin

·      Proposal: $400 to support at “Hair Showcase” that will be hosted to show the documentary “Good Hair” addressing the variations of hair within the people of color. This will be followed by the hosting of  a panel right after the movie. Proposed date is March 14th.

·      I don’t feel like this kind of event is what the Community Life Fund is for (showing a movie). It seems like the funding for something like this would usually come from a different budget. - Kevin

·      I agree with Kevin, in that this event doesn’t seem like a CLF event- Alex

·      This seems more like a Faith and Film event- Carly

·      Criteria for the CLF is that at least ten people show up and that the event builds community- Kevin

·      March 14th is the same night as Mr. Bruin- Stephanie

·      Call to Question: Kevin

·      Seconded: Carly

·      Fail: 0-6-0

20.8 Constitutional Amendment- Kevin

·      Proposal: Reassigning the Class Reps to the Activities Committee.

·      The current Activities Director has expressed a need to have more positions on the Activities Committee-Kevin

·      Essentially, this is getting rid of Class Rep positions, and adding more on the Activities Committee- Alex

·      There is more of a draw to run for Class Rep, then Activities Committee- Liz

·      The goal of this is to make Supreme Court more efficient, in terms of discussions, meeting times, etc. – Kevin

·      The positions are there, and even though it took more work to fill them this year, they did get filled. You can’t just base your decision on this year, but rather need to look long term as well- Stephanie

·      I would almost rather vote twice- once for voting to dissolve the Class Rep Supreme Court positions, and once for voting to add activities committee members. Maybe we could have a special, separate meeting just for this topic- Alex

·      Proposal Tabled.



-Elections- Kevin

·      All Central Committee positions are now closed

·      We are now in “Approval Week”



Kevin- Talk to Onjalai and send e-mail about elections