ASC Minutes: 4-16-2012





April 16, 2012


27.1 3 Old Team- 2 favorite ASC memories of this year; New Team- 1 thing to which you are looking forward. Weekend activities.  


27.2 PRAYER: Alex 


27.3 CALL TO ORDER: 4:00

27.4 ROLL CALL: Emily


·     All are present. Josh will be joining at 4:30. Mark Pothoff is joining today as well.  






27.5 Club Proposal- Emily


·     Proposal: To give the International Justice Mission organization provisional status again.


·     I.J.M. has displayed responsibility and communication. No reservations, all forms received. 


·     Call to Question: Stephanie


·     Seconded: Carly


·     Pass: 6-0-0


27.6 Community Life Fund- Emily


·     Proposal: $237.50 to take the girls of Macy One to the opening night of “The Lucky One” on April 20th as their last official time together before finals and the end of school.


·     Eat pizza together and then drive out to Sherwood Regal Theater 


·     Affecting 25 students 


·     Adult movie ticket ($9.50) x 25 girls= $237.50 


·     Call to Question: Carly


·     Seconded: Stephanie


·     Pass: 6-0-0


27.7 Community Life Fund- Kevin


·     Proposal: $367.30 for the COED Toga Party which will take place in the back lawn area of Edwards on Friday, April 20th.


·     Annual event for the Coffin and Ed residents, approximately 250 students.  


·     Call to Question: Carly


·     Seconded: Stephanie


·     Pass: 6-0-0


27.8 Financial Review (Tentative 2012-2013 ASC Budget Proposal)- Alex


·     Proposal: Make the following changes to the ASC Budget:


o     Activities: $20 to General Supplies, Blue Zone add $1,000, Blue Zone stipend $660 to $830,


o     VP: 14 cost center numbers under Vice President Student Organizations be removed


o     Chaplain: Combine Green Room and Shalom budget


o     President: $150 from President’s Staff Training budget to Entertainment budget, $250 from President’s Staff Training Budget to Hospitality budget, $100 from President’s Staff Training budget to President’s Supplies budget, Remove $300 from CC In-Service budget (specifically $200 from Staff Training and $100 from Supplies-General), $4,000 to the Academic Pursuit Fund from Contingency


o     Supreme Court: Cut senior gift account budget, cut representatives budget from $900 to $400


·     Call to Question: Kevin


·     Seconded: Stephanie


·     Pass: 6-0-0


27.9 Constitutional Review- Kevin


·     Proposal: Adding two position to the activities committee


·     The proposed new section would add two positions to the activities committee, which would provide more assistance in the planning and execution of the events. The Activities Director would have the preorogative to assign the new activities stand committee members to the dances committee and blue zone committee. One must be a senior.  


·     Title of the senior member will be ‘Senior Class Activities Member’ 


·     Call to Question: Carly


·     Seconded: Stephanie


·     Pass: 7-0-0


27.10 Constitutional Review- Kevin


·     Proposal: Changing the constitution to make the living area representatives elected, pursuant to the agreement reached by Central Committee and the Supreme Cout on March 19, 2012.


·     When dissolving the class reps, members of both Central Committee and Supreme Court voices concern over having no democratically elected members on the Supreme Court, so it was decided that living area reps will be elected. 


·     Call to Question: Carly


·     Seconded: Stephanie


·     Pass: 7-0-0




 -Spring Formal/Late Night Breakfast:


·     Be there at 7:30, be as punctual as possible! 


·     Sign ups to work the photo booth 


·     You can sign up for ticket table 

·     Be there for entire dance

·     When dance is coming to an end, find Steph or Marissa

-Old Team Meeting:



Go to Spring Formal, be there by 7:30

Sign up for Late Night Breakfast shifts

New committee members plan to be available for this Thursday, 7:30, ASC offices

Check e-mails for nag list from Krissy

New Team: Krissy’s house Monday morning 10:30

Old Team: Krissy’s Monday night 5:00 for tacos! Bring side salad or dessert