ASC Minutes: 10-3-2011





October 3, 2011


5.1 Opening with highs/lows


5.2 PRAYER: Josh

5.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:21



·     All are present except Lauren

·     Josh Naumen will be joining at 3:30





5.5 Operation Christmas Child- Emily


·     Requesting $7 for every Operation Christmas Child box packed by the George Fox campus and Newberg Friends Church (partners with GFU in this project), up to the amount of $8,400.  This money will cover the shipping costs of the boxes.           

·     Proposed amount: $8,400.  

·     Call to Question: Alex 


·     Seconded: Stephanie 


·     Pass: 5-1-0 


5.6 Equipment Pep Talk- Josh Naumen


·     ASC should touch base with IT

·     Need to work out protocols between IT and ASC

·     Convenience of ASC having the administrative user password

·     ASC could have a Central Committee point person to handle affairs with the IT Service Desk.

o  Vice President might be a good connection person for the bridge between IT and ASC.

5.7 Dances Policy- Krissy


·     As an ASC member, you are the gatekeeper and ultimate responsibility holder at ASC events. 


·     As an ASC member, you should be the first contact and first to encounter problems and issues at events. 


·     Rough-housing or erratic behavior: 


o  Ask them to stop 


o  If more extreme, tell them that you are going to have to ask them to leave 


·     Inappropriate Attire: 


o   Girls confront girls, boys confront boys 


o  At a more formal event, pull them aside to talk to them and ask if they brought anything else to cover up with, or offer something of yours for them to wear if you brought anything extra. 


·     Inappropriate Dancing:

o  Politely confront them and say something such as “please create some space”

·     Injury:

o  Check on the person and assess the situation. Make sure that they have what they need in that moment.

o  Minor injury: tell an event sponsor

o  As an ASC member, you should not transport students to ER, etc.

o  Major injury: Assess the situation. Call 911. Tell an event sponsor.

o  If it is an on-campus event, call 911, immediately call Campus Security, and contact Krissy or event sponsor

·     Alcohol Incidences:

o  If you suspect alcohol, or if you have been informed that someone has been drinking, as an ASC member, you have an obligation to confront the situation.

o  Pull person aside to confront them.

o  If student confesses, contact Student Life authority.

o  Priority is to get the student home safely.




Wacky Wednesday-

Carly is in charge of Wacky Wednesday this week.

Homecoming Help-

Three more ASC events. Central Committee members are required to attend. Sub committee member could attend if Central member cannot.

Tailgater help (Oct. 8)

Tyrone Wells Concert help (Oct. 6). Publicize this event!

Sky High student leaders needed (Oct. 4)



·     E-mail Josh Naumen with new ASC-IT point person

·     Wacky Wednesday- Carly

o  Other members help if can

·     Attend homecoming events!

·     Stephanie is going to email members about their help times.