ASC Minutes: 11-07-2011



November 7, 2011


10.1 Opening with highs/lows


10.2 PRAYER: Josh


10.3 CALL TO ORDER: 3:20



·     Alex is absent 


·     Krissy is absent on maternity leave- welcome baby Judah! 


·     Mark Pothoff is joining us and will be every week until Krissy returns 


·     Fred Gregory, Vangie, and Anna will be joining us for today’s meeting 




10.5 Community Life Fund


·     Request: $209.00 for 23 girls from Hobson 3 to go on Rotic


·     ($5/car for gas x 5 cars)+ ($8/dessert x 23 girls)= $209 


·     Proposal to Amend to: $184   


·     Call to Question: Carly 


·     Seconded: Stephanie 


·     Motion passes: 4-2-0 


·     Call to question: Stephanie 


·     Second: Carly 


·     Pass: 6-0-0 


10.6 Guest Speakers: Fred Gregory, Vangie, and Anna


·     ‘University Relations’ department at Fox is now call ‘Advancement and Integrated Marketing’ 


·     Alumni, parents, corporate  


·     Corporate relations is a new division of thought for this department 


o     Focus on Newberg and region 


·     Bruin Madness weekend of January 14th- get word out before Christmas Break 


·     Homecoming, Family Weekend, Bruin Madness, University Day of Prayer, Football 


·     Suggestions for ways to connect current seniors with alumni for networking, and ways to encourage seniors to stay connected with Fox as alumni 




For items 10.7-10.10, Central Committee’s duty was to vote on whether or not the proposals met criteria




10.7 Student Project Fund Proposal- Emily


·     Proposal: Turn the big empty space in Coffin into a game room


·     Call to Question: Emily 


·     Second: Carly 


·     Pass: 6-0-0 


10.8 Student Project Fund Proposal- Emily


·     Proposal: Replacement of GFU’s current bruin mascot costume


·     Call to Question: Kevin


·     Second: Carly 


·     Pass: 6-0-0 


10.9 Student Project Fund Proposal- Emily


·     Proposal: New Ping Pong table for Foxhole and anywhere else, if applicable


·     Call to Question: Josh 


·     Second: Stephanie 


·     Pass: 6-0-0 


10.10 Student Project Fund Proposal- Emily


·     Proposal: Four new pool sticks for the pool table located in the Foxhole


·     Call to Question: Josh 


·     Second: Carly 


·     Fail: 3-3-0 




Mark Pothoff


·     Direction that ASC is headed for the next couple of months while Krissy is on maternity leave

Wacky Wednesday

·     Focus on making Wacky Wednesday have more of a purpose, such as an avenue for informing students of events, applications etc.

·     Liz has it this Wednesday



Start keeping a Word document for Krissy while she is gone of things you would want her to know, things that happened, details, etc.

Stephanie and Sarah: set up time to meet with Fred, Vangie, and Anna

Wacky Wednesday

11/16: Lauren with Jessi Fink

ASC retreat next weekend! Friday night and Saturday


Meeting adjourned at 4:50