ASC Minutes: 1-28-2013



Monday, January 28, 2013

16.1 PRAYER: J. Stanton   

16.2 Committee Updates

16.3 CALL TO ORDER: 4:24pm

16.4 ROLL CALL: All are present including Joel. Also Brad Lau will join us and Liberty from the Crescent is here.


16.5 Constitutional Amendment: Article IX Section 1 – Bryan Kasler 

Proposal: Publicize all activities at least two weeks in advance to all of the ASC membership.


-       Outcomes

o   There is not much than can be done about that. There are to many factors that cannot be controlled.

o   This is a good goal but it is a minor detail within the constitution.

o   Enforcing this could be difficult.

-        Decisions

o   This is an odd way to motivate.

Motion Tabled by President for one week.

16.6 Constitutional Amendment: Article V Section 1 – Bryan Kasler

Proposal: Shall be by assessment of the number of part time and full time undergraduate students attending George Fox.

Motion Tabled by President for one week.

16.7 Constitutional Amendment: Article I, Section 3 – Bryan Kasler 

Proposal: Replace Section 3 with: “Shall not be counted” regarding a members presence.


-       Outcomes

o   This would change for all quorums.

o   2/3s vote counts toward votes but a quorum still needs to be present.

§  We use the 2/3s number for two different things.

§  This amendment is regarding voting.

-        Decisions

o   If someone votes with abstention it would be like they weren’t even there, which would reduce the amount where there would have to be a 2/3 quorum.

o   2/3s of the group needs to be present to start a vote: a quorum. Separate matter is 2/3s need to approve something to pass or fail it.

o   To have an ASC CC meeting at least 2/3s of the members must be presence.

o   Their presence should not be counted to contributing to the vote.

-       Actions

o   Margaret re-write this amendment…

Motion Tabled by President for one week.


16.8 Christian Services to Outreach Ministries Amendment – Toni Snyder

Proposal: Change all “Christian Services Committee” to “Outreach Ministries

Committee” and all “Christian Services Director” to “Director of Outreach Ministries.” All

“Christian Services” changed to “Outreach Ministries” in the constitution.


-       Outcomes:

o   It is a good change to make it more uniform.

-        Decisions:

o   Change it to “Outreach Ministries Director”

-       Actions:

o   Make sure the necessary Constitutional changes are made.

Motion to Amend: M. Blankenship (Change “Director of Outreach Ministries” to “Outreach Ministries Director”)

Seconded: J. Stanton

Amendment Passes: 7-0-0

Call to Question: J. Riedel  

Seconded: M. Vogt

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

16.9 Central Committee Elections Video Financing – Bryan Kasler

Proposal: $2500 is needed to produce 2 short videos for the purpose of recruiting leaders, casting a future vision, and communicating to the campus what the vision is, who the people are, and what their parts are in it all. Ian Pratt, the videographer and producer we worked with earlier this year is the man we would like to hire. He has agreed to produce these films in a timely manner, fitting for our needs, for $2500.


-       Outcomes

o   Two-part video would be more complicated. A second video wouldn’t include new people.

-        Decisions

o   Hoping to do one shoot at one time and then we can release it when we want.

o   One video or two? Cost would be problematic with two…or would it?

o   We shouldn’t spend too much on two videos now so that future ASC CC members could; financial sustainability is a key issue.

o   However, making these videos would be wonderful tools to gain ASC popularity.

o   Two issues: funding first, then parameters of the video…

§  This is a group decision; it affects everyone’s budget

-       Actions

Motion to Amend: M.Vogt (Up to $2000 coming from the reserves/TBD)

Seconded: J. Riedel

Amendment Passes: 6-0-0

Call to Question: M. Vogt

Seconded: M. Blankenship

Motion Passes: 5-1-0


            Brad Lau discusses the Office of Student Success and the New Football Stadium

            Self-Policing Of Lawn Furniture


            Goals for spring


Make sure the necessary Constitutional changes are made.

Margaret re-write this amendment…