ASC Minutes: 02-10-2014



Monday, February 10, 2013

26.1 CALL TO ORDER 4:40 PM

26.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including S. St. Cyr , M. Pothoff, J. Stanton

26.3 PRAYER: Ju. Vanier


26.5:  Community Life Fund: Proposal: J. Vanier

Proposal: $240 for about 24 people to have a neighborhood pizza party


-       Outcomes

  • There’s a lot left in this fund

-       Decisions

  • Should affect only Fox students

-       Actions

  • Good event, big group of people

Call to Question: D. Shin

Seconded: Ja. Vanier

Motion Passes: 5-0-0


26.6: Academic Pursuit Fund: Proposal: M. Nakashimada

Proposal: $1000 for 25 students from APO to go to Boise for a Theater conference



  • Already approved $2,500
  • Will be using this extra money for vans to drive to Boise


  • They will be representing the only Christian school at this conference
  • Highest occupancy vans only hold 7 people
    • They requested this amount though so they will figure out travel
    • The group is spending a lot of their own money on food and other things
    • They have done fundraising and plan on doing more
    • For the amount of people going, this is a good price
    • Didn’t raise as much money as they said they would


  • Should not make a habit of having multiple proposals for one event; should do their research before hand
    • They have been very good at communication though

Call to Question: Ja. Vanier

Seconded: D. Shin

Motion Passes: 5-0-0

Exit D. Shin



26.7: Special Projects Fund: Proposal: T. Rene

Proposal: $1500 to athletic department for intramurals



  • They need this money


  • Maybe take out of contingency fund instead of special projects
    • Shouldn’t matter
    • Affects a lot of students


  • Need to include in budget next year, or athletic department needs to handle

Call to Question: Ja. Vanier

Seconded: M. Tarpley

Motion Passes: 4-0-0



  • Late Student Project Fund request
  • Intramural Funding
  • Elections Timeline
    • Treasurer Appointed or elected?
    • Age requirement for Central Committee positions?
    • ASC Retreats