ASC Minutes: 09-01-2014



Monday, September 1, 2014


5.1 PRAYER: E. Kamps


5.3 ROLL CALL: All are present including S. St. Cyr


5.4 Student Organizations: Club Proposal: T. Rene

Proposal: GFU College Republicans to become a club


-       Outcomes

  • Are they an advocacy club? Do they have events?
    • They would help people register to vote
      • That’s confliction because republicans would be influencing voter registration
  • We need to allow advocacy clubs because we passed Students for Life
    • In the realm of GFU Policy
  • We need to be okay with a GFU College Democrats being able to be a club
    • No push on it, they will apply if they want to
  • Unless we’re going to start repealing clubs, we should approve advocacy clubs as long as they align with GFU Policy
  • Need to make sure they are not soliciting
  • They haven’t met with C.Grey or T. Rene
    • Don’t feel like they’re connected well enough
    • C. Grey just started 4 days ago

-       Decisions

  • Talk to B. Lau about advocacy clubs to make sure we’re aligning with university
    • We already passed advocacy clubs
  • Goals of club need to be well spelled out
  • Need to find more information out from club
    • How are they going to be informing students?
      • Fine line between soliciting and informing
  • Before we pass club we need to be a little more clear on guidelines

-       Actions

  • Club directors should come to ASC meetings for a couple minutes
  • T. Dick or someone from club should come next week and explain club to Central Committee
  • Collectively the team doesn’t understand the mission and goal of this club
  • Table so we can find more information about the club
  • They still need to get a table at the club fair
  • If Student Life doesn’t approve, we vote to revoke club status

Call to Table: J. Nuzum

Seconded: M. Martinez

Motion Passes: 5-0-0

5.5 Blue Zone: Proposal: M. Kimmer

Proposal: To reinstate the Blue Zone position as Director on the Activities Committee; Stipend of


-       Outcomes

  • Meetings last week with Sports Marketing showed we need a Blue Zone coordinator to lead the student body and the cheering section of Football games

-       Decisions

  • Do we need to redeem Blue Zone and take over the mascot and everything?
  • Don’t understand why Athletic Department doesn’t have Blue Zone
    • Blue Zone Coordinator would be very helpful so CC doesn’t have to be communicating with Athletics
    • Blue Zone Coordinator would also coordinate Bruin Brawl
  • Sports Marketing wanted to take over Blue Zone
    • But they need us to take over student spirit
  • If we say no, there will no be pre-game, program, or student cheering organization
    • We need to either say Sports Marketing takes 100% or ASC takes 100%
  • Blue Zone should be under ASC, and should be the bridge between ASC and Athletics Department
    • Adding another lifeline between athletics and Sports Marketing could be a disaster
  • Frustrating that they took Blue Zone, and now they’re trying to give it back
    • Didn’t ask for any money initially
    • They only have a couple volunteer students
  • See this position being under Athletics
    • If things aren’t happening before games, that’s a problem and think VP’s will be behind us on that
    • We can see a need and advocate for it, but not necessarily provide it
      • We are here for student advocacy, not cheering for games
  • VP Activities shouldn’t be over any specific events
    • Except big games that happened in summer
  • If we don’t plan anything for games,  no one will

-       Actions

Call to Question: M. Martinez

Seconded: M. Kimmer

Motion Fails: 0-5-0