ASC Minutes: 11-11-2014



Tuesday, November 11, 2014


ROLL CALL: All are present including S. St. Cyr  & 4 Reps except M. Kimmer


Topic: Hiring of H. Knieling into the VP Finance role

  • Seems to have a lot of experience in leadership and finance
  • Long-term H. Knieling is planning on changing schedule and allowing time needed for ASC, that is great
  • Junior accounting major’s need to think highly about running for ASC because it is hard to recruit for accounting while handling with ASC
  • How does this feel about this appointing position instead of voting?
    • We want to be encouraging students to vote
    • Don’t think students would be too affected by an appointed position because the position needs to be filled quickly
    • Emergency mode because of VP Finance resignation
    • The U.S. government does not have mid year elections because of a resignation
    • Do you feel like she is a good member of Central Committee?
      • Outgoing person who brings good energy
      • Good that Town Hall Meeting is this week so we can announce and explain the situation

Enter M. Kimmer

  • H. Knieling will have the easiest transition because she knows the ASC procedures
    • Ideally, would like to have someone older on the position like a senior
    • Would like to see a lot more diversity on the team, but not sure how we would even open up the position to the public ASC
    • Found people who went through less public avenues because we need someone very trustworthy and qualified
    • Need someone who has a lot of time to involve in ASC, Good at Finance, has leadership skils
      • H. Knieling has all of that
      • Constitutionally, it needs to be a finance/accounting major, but we could amend to open the pool to a bigger body
        • This is sound financial procedures and processes, half a million dollar budget
        • Good experience to give a finance/accounting major
        • Constantly learning in their classes how to do these things better
        • There are people who have special experience not just because they are finance people
        • Candidate search right now; best route would be the accounting/finance department
        • Not a reason to rush into a bad decision, but don’t think H. Knieling is a bad decision
        • If the concern is her having upper division classes, it is a concern on how many she’s actually had
          • This position is much more than just the tasks, it is a huge leadership position
          • H. Knieling is willing to switch around her schedule to accommodate for ASC
            • No senior is going to have that option
            • New VP Finance will hire an assistant
              • Yes, and there’s possible discussion of hiring two assistants
              • Hiring Assistant(s) will be a big job, and H. Knieling will be able to hire good ones and the timing would work out so we could hire her and move forward with her assistant(s)
              • Would there be any benefit in waiting?
                • Would we even find anyone else?
                • Is there a reason to wait?
                  • No!
                  • T. Rene ran unopposed
                    • If there was an upperclassman who wanted to run they probably would have wanted to last year
                      • Assuming no one wanted to apply because Fox Hole bad reputation
                      • Reps bring so much value, Central appreciates their voice

Hiring: VP Finance Position: J. Vanier

Proposal: Appoint H. Knieling as new VP of Finance  


-          Outcomes

  • Reps have very good voice, they are reaching out to students are good resources that represent lots of different voices

-          Decisions

  • Meeting with Reps was supposed to be more about the role and the process instead of the individual
    • All aspects of the conversation was covered
    • They don’t personally know H. Knieling
    • The discussion was good, but wanted to have larger discussion that started with T. Rene stepped down
    • The question of if H. Knieling is good for the team is irrelevant because everyone on Central comes in without knowing each other and how they work
    • How do we go above and beyond the constitution? We followed everything constitutionally but how do we get better student voice and more representation in this decision?

-          Actions

Call to Question: J. Nuzum

Seconded: M. Kimmer

Motion Passes: 3-0-1