ASC Minutes: 01-12-2016



Monday, January 12, 2016

16[EK1] .1[EK2]  CALL TO ORDER: 4:17 PM

16.2 ROLL CALL: All are present [EK3] including: S. St. Cyr

16.3 PRAYER[EK4] : K. Webster


16.4 Academic Pursuit Fund: Budget: Z. Larsen

Proposal: Add $3000 to the Academic Pursuit Fund from contingency


-       Outcomes

  • There’s $6300 left in contingency
    • But most people over allocated their budgets so this budget should be larger than it actually is

-       Decisions

  • Where else would we put contingency?
    • There’s 4 or 5 more clubs on the horizon, unexpectedly
  • Make it an internal experience for students
  • Events they could host or plan on campus that are open to everyone, affecting a lot more of our students
    • Even if we only got two speakers out of the fund, it would affect more students than the APF
      • Depends on if we want to impact more students with less impact, or more impact for less students: quantity over quality
    • Students could decide on who they want to bring on to campus
    • Could also lump this money with the concert budget to make large events
      • Would bring a lot more concerts or motivational speakers, instead of academic materials
    • Students could also propose to bring people here
      • That would drain the fund
    • TED talk discussion would be incredible
      • Actual TED talk speakers are very expensive
      • Academic component to what ASC does
    • Would make it a totally different fund
      • We can make it into whatever we want it to
  • $19,500 only affected 45 students
    • Feels like a scholarship
      • Don’t know if ASC is in the appropriate position to be funding so much money for individual students
      • Voting on such thing is really hard, and is always a difficult
  • Could do a model similar to the Student Project Fund, where it’s a scholarship type and they apply at the beginning of the semester
  • Want an earlier cut off date, and a set amount of the fund
  • Majority would like to see the fund still in place, having $9000 strict budget per semester
  • Actions of this fund will be further discussed, but we need to know if we can increase this fund or not
  • Are there are a lot more people applying this semester?
    • A lot more conferences, but most people planned ahead and applied last semester
    • Hard to tell how much we need
  • Guidelines for the different funds are extremely clear
    • $830 is the max for one student to receive
    • Needs to be lowered
    • Flat rate for Academic Pursuit Fund?
      • There’s different needs

-       Actions

  • Actions of this fund will be further discussed, but we need to know if we can increase this fund or not

Call to Question: M. Peterson

Seconded: D. Bogert

Motion Passes: 4-3-0


16.5 Finance: Fund: Z. Larsen

Proposal: Delegate different funds to different committees, providing more space for representative committee as a whole to talk about representatives


-       Outcomes

  • Campus reps would oversee Academic Pursuit Fund
  • Commuter reps would oversee Community Life Fund
  • Multicultural reps would oversee Social Responsibility Fund

-       Decisions

  • Central Committee would vote on Campus Reps minutes?
  • Guidelines for the different funds are extremely clear
  • Concern on small committees passing large amounts of money by themselves
    • Community Life Fund and Student Responsibility are small funds that CLF are voted on based per student, so there isn’t much irresponsibility because there’s so many guidelines
    • Even though it’s a “small” amount, that is very relative
    • There needs to be more training for representatives
      • Freshmen representatives can’t get trained well
      • Then need to be much better at retreats and vision casting
      • Retreats should be part of the ASC calendar and required for Central, Reps, & Director level positions

-       Actions

  • Will write up a constitutional change
  • Consensus is positive that

Call to Table: M. Peterson 

Seconded: E. Lopez

Motion to Table Passes: 7-0-0



  • Hiring new Multicultural Representative
    • You could look into people who had applied for the position earlier but weren’t hired
      • Then you wouldn’t have to advertise the new position
      • Elections are coming soon, can you just hire next years representative?
        • We need someone now, Culture Corner needs help
        • Hope to hire someone not from China so we can get a new perspective
        • Even if this person comes back, the budget for the stipend is still available
          • Talk to this person to convince them they are capable, because they are
          • Equal opportunity hire
          • Commuters are also down one person and don’t intend to hire again
          • Student Body Survey
            • K. Webster will do it
              • It’s his thing
              • Refugee Packs
                • ASC would donate money for Refugee packs and help running a drive
                • Yearly Meeting of Quakers
                • We will talk to SPIL about this
                • Open up to student body
                  • ASC covers whatever they don’t donate
                  • K. Webster will talk to SPIL and contact, and we will move forward with this
                  • E. Lopez will set up a proposal to present to Central Committee so we can formally vote on it
                  • Piano Student Project Fund Proposal
                    • Either fight for practice room or buy a keyboard
                    • Allowing any student to use the practice rooms, they would have access to any room
                      • ASC paid for a separate card swipe for every room in that hallway
                      • Students would have to apply for the “right” to have access to a piano room
                      • Don’t like the keyboard idea
                        • Students who actually want to play wouldn’t want to check it out
                        • So easily damaged
                        • Would need to outline an application for students
                          • Showing seriousness of the card access
                          • $1000 would then go toward upkeep of the practice rooms
                          • Round Table
                            • President and officers of multicultural clubs and Central Committee should get together and talk about past issues so we can move forward with a much stronger and more positive relationship
                              • Or consistent attendance at their meetings
                              • No one really knows the right way to approach these conversations, we need to keep this relationship in prayer
                              • New TV
                                • Originally going to be mounted in the Bruin Den, is there where we still want it?
                                • New Dining Hall?
                                  • ASC already approved one
                                  • HMS lobby needs one
                                  • Brandt?
                                    • They’re still building stuff in that dorm
                                    • Take down the one in the SUB and but it in HMS
                                      • Put new one in new SUB location
                                      • L. Pekkola will talk to Plant Services
                                      • Funding St. Johns Bible
                                        • Is ASC interested in helping fund part of this bible? $20,000
                                        • If we passed it, we’d have to take it out of Reserve Fund which we would have to ask all students anyways
                                        • ASC might be interested in a much smaller fee