ASC Minutes: 03-08-2016



Tuesday, March 8, 2016

24.1 CALL TO ORDER: 4:32 PM

24.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including: A. Hansen, A. Meyer, J. Kang, S. St. Cyr

24.3 PRAYER: E. Kamps


24.4  SPIL: Life Groups Proposal: E. Lopez

Proposal: $2000 for SPIL Life Groups  


-          Outcomes 

  • This proposal is to cover Life Groups for Fall and Spring
  • Life Groups were restructured this year, lead by professors instead of by students

-          Decisions

  • This money is already spent…
    • Life groups already happened
    • What will they be spending this money on?
    • This money would be just paying back debt
      • They’ve already received their chapel fines for last semester
      • This proposal seems like a band-aid, like we are fixing a deficit
      • It would be a blind check
        • Think we should value SPIL and the work they have in students
          • But we’ve seen SPIL not manage money responsibly
          • Tired of continually giving chunks of money, and at the end of the year having them propose money for things they ran out of
            • Increasing the tithe should be very seriously considered
  • What’s the difference between ResLife asking for more money and SPIL asking for more money?
    • ResLife asked for less money because they didn’t need it all
  • How would the program be developed with this money?
  • What made funding the senior retreat different?
    • If we didn’t pay for it, that wouldn’t happen
    • That money will go directly to the retreat
  • ASC’s policy should be producing things, not taking care of old bills
  • The current proposal doesn’t have impact on current students, so we don’t have enough to vote on
  • What about putting our money where our mouth is in making this place a Christ-centered community?
    • We give a tithe to SPIL
    • Giving to SPIL doesn’t mean we’re supporting Jesus
    • Fostering community is one of the best ways to spread Jesus
    • Funding a new activities center is going to impact thousands
      • And foster incredible community pushing us towards centering on Jesus
  • Outreach funds are currently frozen
    • Would this proposal defrost them?

-          Actions

  • Focus group on how to make ASC more Christ-centered
    • We lose sight easily on the ways we foster Christ besides calling it “Spiritual Life”
      • ASC doesn’t have “Christ” on their event names, but we are still focused on centering on him
  • We are unclear on how SPIL does their budget
  • Could SPIL present this proposal to us?
    • An argument towards this proposal will need be pretty compelling to vote yes on
    • We don’t understand their budget
    • If we aren’t leaning towards yes, we shouldn’t have someone present on it
    • Or we can send over questions we have and see if those answered would be helpful instead of having someone come to an ASC meeting
    • It would give us an opportunity to understand the way SPIL does their budget
      • Having small chunked proposals from SPIL is not a good place, because it feels like SPIL isn’t planning well, and they’re probably doing great
        • And us turning down proposals to SPIL is a one way ticket to hell
  • How do we feel about tithing a greater sum to SPIL?
    • What SPIL does aligns with the universities mission statement, and what ASC does
    • SPIL receiving money isn’t a one time proposal
      • If we increase tithe, they will plan money for the greater sum, but there will always be one more thing they think they can use money for
      • We need to figure out a line where we can draw
      • ASC needs to be seen not as a bank, but something that builds community
  • When we talk about the “future”- it’s getting close
    • In saying we’d rather fund SPIL Life Groups instead of put in reserve fund for the new activities center, we need to be careful because the new activities center could be happening next summer
    • We need to think about big picture. The fireplace was an unexpected opportunity, and we were able to fund it because of the reserve fund.
  • This sounds like a much larger issue than this one proposal
    • We need a DTR with SPIL
    • We want to support SPIL in clear defined ways
      • We don’t want to be seen as a bank, but we want to support correctly
      • We do have people on the team who advocate for SPIL which has been very helpful, but we need clarity moving forward
      • We want to go about this conversation correctly with clear communication, not just an exiting Central member

Call to Table: E. Lopez

Seconded: C. Gray

Motion to Table Fails: 1-6-0

Call to Question: M. Peterson

Seconded: D. Bogert

Motion Fails: 1-5-1


-          Relationships within ASC

  • In what ways can we create community within ASC better?
  • Different subcommittees don’t even know each other
  • Retreats!
  • Early arrival!
  • Worship night
  • Testimonies
  • Beginning of semester, all ASC
  • Subcommittee parties all the time
  • Christmas party

-          ASC Volleyball Tournament

  • “Like a company picnic”
  • Volleyball courts, music, BBQ, etc.
  • “What if we do something fun…” S. St. Cyr
  • April 16?

-          Goals throughout ASC

  • Can we discuss these with the new team? Yes
  • Because current team doesn’t have anything to offer…. [sarcasm]

-          SCORR processing

  • Take aways

-          Culture Corner Feedback

-          Candy Buffet Fundraiser

  • Not sure why they approached ASC
  • We’ll let them know tables are available for reserving in the Den

-          Tent City

-          Bruin Brawl