ASC Minutes: 04-12-2016



Tuesday, April 12, 2016

28.1 CALL TO ORDER: 4:32 PM

28.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including: J. Kang, A. Hansen, Z. Keimig, excluding S. St. Cyr, M. Peterson

28.3 PRAYER: K. Webster


28.4  Academic Need Fund: Proposal: Z. Larsen

Proposal: Students have reached out about ANF, but the fund is closed


-          Outcomes 

  • We have not approved any proposals that have been requested after the deadline
    • These people e-mailed Z. Larsen directly
  • We would need to reopen the fund
  • These students need to have a formal proposal

-          Decisions

  • Should we do a summer deadline?
    • If we want people to plan their conferences ahead of time
    • It wouldn’t be fair to have someone over summer deal with the financials of that

-          Actions

Call to Question: C. Gray


Motion Fails: 0-6-0 

28.5 Student Organizations: Proposal: E. Lopez

Proposal: IJM to become an Organization 2016-2017


-          Outcomes

  • Average attendance is fairly low
  • Very active club who does big events
  • No hesitations
  • Already have everything set up for an org

-          Decisions

-          Actions

Call to Question: C.Gray

Seconded: D. Bogert

Motion Passes: 6-0-0


28.6 Student Organizations: Proposal: E. Lopez

Proposal: LHC to become an Organization 2016-2017


-          Outcomes

-          Decisions

-          Actions

Call to Question:  Z. Larsen

Seconded: D.Bogert

Motion Passes: 6-0-0


28.7 Student Organization: Proposal: E. Lopez

Proposal: BSU to become an Organization 2016-2017



  • Eligible, Same president



Call to Question: D. Bogert

Second: E.Lopez

Motion to Passes: 6-0-0

Enter R. Baker “Every time I see you guys you’re eating… is this a real meeting?” Exit R. Baker


28.8 Student Organizations: Proposal: E. Lopez

Proposal: Transfer Club to become an Organization 2016-2017



  • Attendance is 5 people
    • But they put on monthly events that have more people, but they did not have an event this last month


  • This is the first year they have a club, should they have more time before being an organization?

-          They were a club the entire year, and the officers next year will know better about what the club is

  • There is more potential for the following year
  • E. Lopez thinks this club will be great as an organization

-          It is weird they didn’t meet every month this year, and their attendance is low

-          Organizations are year-long so it’s not forever

-          Transfer club can be utilized a lot better during welcome weekend

  • New officers that know what they’re doing can utilize it better
  • May be banking off of potential, instead of earning it as a club already

-          Maybe another year would be good to establish a bit more, and then apply for organization

  • They did more volunteer work they didn’t put on their application
  • Because it’s a population of people on campus, it would be great for an organization
  • Not sure if vision is set completely for the complete vision of Orgs
  • Could clubs apply at the semester?

-          Can move from org to club mid year but not club to org

  • If we wait a year to pass this, it might do more damage to the club than earlier

-          But if we pass them as an organization, and they fail, it could do damage to the reputation or organizations

  • The organizations program is a bit different and will need to take time to grow and become a desired approval

-          A lot of guielines were created to become an Org, and many meetings with clubs happened to get input from presidents

-          Even though club presidents helped come up with the guidelines for organizations, that doesn’t mean that clubs all want to be organizations

  • It’s a lot of extra work, but with some clubs it requires them to change a lot of their
  • We need to talk through Organizations more in depth, and what their role is on campus

-          If we table Transfer Club becoming an Org until we set completely

-          The last thing we want to do is stop the momentum of this club and the incredible work they’re doing with Transfer students

  • Welcome Weekend could be worked out differently if Transfer Club doesn’t not become an Organization this year. The advisor could be a president of a First Year Seminar Class
    • Should wait another year to become more established


  • We need more than three orgs for the Organizations Director to be a justified position

-          Not a reason to pass orgs

  • If we approve Transfer club to become an org, we should notify the other clubs that they are able to apply
  • Rigidity is important, but we don’t want to take away peoples excitement or momentum

-          Most of the clubs who are ineligible, but would be notified to apply anyways, wouldn’t want to be an Org because it doesn’t fit their club

  • To be fair, we should notified other clubs to let them know what can be passed as an org

Call to Question: Z. Larsen

Second: C. Gray

Motion to Passes: 6-0-0



  • Bruin Guide for next year

-          Would like to see a written proposal

  • Bruin Card

-          Good to go!

-          Make sure ASC designs them

-          Welcome Weekend crew can do that

-          If we pay someone to design the card as well as the Bruin Guide, it should be included in the proposal

  • End of the year survey

-          Should revise before sending out