ASC Minutes: 09-29-2015



Monday, September 29, 2015

1.1 CALL TO ORDER: 4:24 PM

1.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including: S. St. Cyr

1.3 PRAYER: S. St. Cyr


1.4 Clubs: New Club Proposal: E. Lopez

Proposal: New club “Fusion” constitution and by laws


-       Outcomes

  • Asian American Club

-       Decisions

  • Do we just redo marketing every time there’s a new club?
    • Current clubs could be on igfu, and we could advertise all clubs on igfu
    • We will be sending out an e-mail every Monday about ASC info

-       Actions

Exit N. Ho

Call to Question:  D. Bogert

Seconded: M. Peterson

Motion Passes: 6-0-0

1.5 Clubs: New Club Proposal: E. Lopez

Proposal: New club “ISI Roger Sherman Society”


-       Outcomes

  • Attached with a national organization provoke conversation about western tradition, facilitate relationships between conservative thinkers, and develop leaders who desire to engage in the political realm.

-       Decisions

  • Is there issue with someone being the president of more than one club?
    • No, that’s fine
  • Need to think of budget details, and charging dues (meaning each person pays a fee to join)
    • When they’re part of the national chapter, they have help through that

-       Actions

Call to Question: D. Bogert

Seconded: Z. Larsen

Motion Passes: 7-0-0



  • Town Hall/ Fall Carnival
    • Fall carnival location & time
    • Do we even need a town hall meeting?
      • Good habit to get in to even if we don’t have a big topic to discuss
        • Go over what ASC is doing currently
        • Coronation/Homecoming
          • What will we use to vote?
            • Google Form
            • Nominations open Thursday through Google form
            • Voting opens Monday through iGfu
            • Getting rid of votes for each grade
              • Everyone can vote for anyone
              • Homecoming WEEK
                • Medalian Hunt
                • Coronation
                • Fall Carnival
                • Bruin Brawl
                • Shoot to do a booth to inform about ASC, instead of a Town Hall
                  • Koffee with Kyle
                  • Make sure students know which Central members are single
                  • Rep Events
                    • Throwback Disney night
                      • Movie night with popcorn
                • Away football games could be played in Hoover 105 or Foxhole and have it as an event
                • Bus people to games that are close
                  • If we do have busses, we need a sign up so we can commit to how much transportation we need
                  • Work with athletics on this; future conversation
                • Rep events we need to allow them to be creative, not just throw extra events on them that they don’t want
                • In the Res Halls, post the pic of their rep and info about them, how to contact them
                  • Have a board in the hall to give info about ASC
                  • We need better newspaper presentation
                    • ASC pays for newspaper every year
                    • Need something to present them soon
                    • USA Today will purchase new newspaper racks if we wanted them
                    • Bruin Brawl
                      • Monday- kick off for Homecoming weekend- Or maybe Wednesday after chapel
                      • Helicopter drop off!
                        • Grass on quad, we cannot have people go on the part where grass is growing
                          • There’s not a lot of places where the helicopter can land
                            • Doesn’t need to land, they just need to drop it
                            • But they have to drop it at a certain height
                            • We’re telling the RA’s so they tell their residence and spread the word
                            • We could do it on the football field
                    • Freeze the bear
                    • Hot chocolate for people who don’t want to participate the brawl
                    • Prizes for the winners?
                    • Doing Bruin Brawl based on living area including commuters
                      • Pizza party
                      • Late night in the Den is no longer
                      • Constitution adoption looks good, next week should be finalized