ASC Minutes: 01-26-2016



Tuesday, January 26, 2016

18.1  CALL TO ORDER: 4:18 PM

1.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including: S. St. Cyr, VP Environmental Life (Steve the Plant), VP Animal Life (Bruce the Pug)

18.3 PRAYER: E. Kamps


18.4  Clubs: New Club Proposal: E. Lopez

Proposal: New club, Intersections: Science & Religion


-       Outcomes

  • Has a grant from GFU for research, would love to make this into a club
  • There’s room in the budget for new clubs still this semester

-       Decisions

-       Actions

Call to Question: D. Bogart

Seconded: E. Lopez

Motion Passes: 7-0-0 


  • Victory Bell
    • Much too heavy to be moving around
    • They don’t want it in Duke because it’s a fire hazard
    • It needs a new place to be put outside of Duke not in football season?
    • Can’t stay outside because it will rust
    • We could make outdoor structure so it can stay outside
    • Ask the Reps about a permanent outside structure, or placing it somewhere else
    • Pool Party
      • Grad students pool party- for disabled children
      • We have two uses for a huge pool party
      • We need to ask Res Life and Clubs if they want to use the pool party contract before telling grad students they can
      • Grad students don’t pay students fees so it’s important we offer this opportunity to others first
      • Night to Shine
        • Dance for teenagers with special needs at the Cultural Center
        • Would ASC want to promote this event?
          • Yes! We can add this to the activities calendar
    • Tim Tebow foundation
    • Elections
      • Elections Committee needs to be solidified
      • One representative from each subcommittee
      • Survivor Van
        • Need to sign up for night shifts so someone is always watching the van
        • Syrian Refugee Drive
          • Proposals are lost with the switch of the funds and where they are
          • Proposal hasn’t passed and it’s too late to get people involved in this drive
          • We could just give them the money
            • Buying the supplies is thought to be more useful
            • ASC money could go towards shipping costs
            • Books for multicultural representatives
              • ASC would own the books and it would stir them on to dive into deeper conversation
              • Library would be a great resource
              • Future GFU will have large libraries of resources