ASC Minutes: 11-03-2015



Monday, November 3, 2013

10.1 CALL TO ORDER 4:31 PM

10.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including S. St. Cyr

10.3 PRAYER: K. Webster


10.4 New Team Training: Proposal: S. St. Cyr

Proposal: $1500 for five AAC’s for 2016-2017 to attend the 2016 SCORR conference


-       Outcomes

  • Res Life doesn’t have the money in the budget this year to send all the new AAC’s to SCORR conference
    • Next year they will most likely

-       Decisions

  • This would be transferring from contingency
  • Great to bridge gap between ASC and ResLife

-       Actions

Call to Question: M. Peterson

Seconded: D. Bogert

Motion Passes: 7-0-0

10.5 Constitution: Amendment: Z. Larsen

Proposal: Adopt the new revised constitution


-       Outcomes

-       Decisions

  • Should pass the most recent constitution version onto B. Lau & M. Pothoff before Central approves it fully

-       Actions

Call to Table: D. Bogert

Seconded: E. Lopez

Motion to Table Passes: 7-0-0


  • Student Project Fund has 22 proposals in already
    • Due date is this Friday
    • Lip Sync Friday!
      • Need another female judge
      • Student Concerts
        • Italian soda in the FoxHole
        • Food Pantry on campus
          • It would be best to connect students in need to churches in the area, there’s meals available every night
          • Commuters
            • In Commuter e-mails, ask if there’s any need, or prayer
              • They don’t have RA’s or AC’s it would be good to be available for them
              • ASC “clique”
                • Need diversity in social media to represent the entire school
                • Seems like ASC hangs out with just each other
                • Being intentional at events of meeting new people
                  • At least one at each event
        • Being more welcoming at the office
        • B. Lau discusses campus master plan for GFU
        • Square Footage
          • New ASC office in activities center
          • ASC Elections
            • Confirming dates