ASC Minutes: 02-02-2016



Tuesday, February 2 2015

19.1  CALL TO ORDER: 4:22 PM

19.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including: S. St Cyr

19.3 PRAYER: M. Peterson


Victory Bell

  • Reps think no more money should be put into paying for the bell
  • Location should stay in Duke
    • Off season could stay in Bruin Den?
    • Need to take measurements to keep it in the Den
    • Should contact athletics again to see if under the stairs in Duke is still good

Pool contract

  • Free pool party will be used by HMS

Shows in the FoxHole

Polar Bear Swim

  • Tilikum doesn’t want more than 120 students
  • Should we rent pools for the quad…?
  • Red Hills lake?

Relay for Life

Bruin Brawl

  • Is grass an issue?
    • No
    • Aim for 2 Bruin Brawls

Meetings with Stephanie

Spring Retreat

  • There isn’t a plan for Spring Retreat to happen this semester
  • Should we give more money to SPIL for this retreat to happen?
    • SPIL operates much differently than ASC, and we don’t fully understand it
    • Don’t think we should fund it, because they manage their own budgets
    • Spring retreat hasn’t had the same attendance as Fall retreat
    • There is a problem on campus of lack of money in certain departments, except ASC

Multicultural Life logo

  • Should Multicultural life have their own logo?
  • Use ASC logo with multicultural twist on it
  • We could also have one for commuters
  • It would be used on advertising materials
  • Intercultural vs multicultural?
  • VP Inclusion, Equity, Diversity
  • Sign up for multicultural e-mails


  • Clubs?
  • Multicultural Life
  • Commuter Life?
  • Activities
  • Campus

Kings Kaleidoscope

  • It’s happening!
  • Sell tickets to outside of Fox?