ASC Minutes: 02-09-2016


Tuesday, February 9, 2015

2.1 CALL TO ORDER:  4:25 PM

2.2 ROLL CALL: All are present including: S. St. Cyr minus C. Gray

2.3 PRAYER: N. Ho


2.4 Student Project Fund: Proposal: E. Lopez

Proposal: Student independently is asking for up to $8850 for the weight room to be remodeled, but SPF is closed


-       Outcomes

  • Outsourcing work

-       Decisions

  • This room will be used only by athletes soon
    • Until new rec center
  • Kind of a gamble because it will be used for all students for two or three years, and then will be used only for athletes
    • Who are students too
  • Beautiful design- looks awesome
    • New paint, new designs on the wall
  • To dip into reserve fund is not feasible because we haven’t spent our entire budget
  • Good bridge between ASC and Athletics
    • Past projects within athletics haven’t improved the relationship
  • We should honor the integrity of the SPF, don’t feel good about doing a project that didn’t meet the deadline
    • But if we have the money why would we say no to this project?
  • What would be the purpose of waiting on this proposal?
    • There wouldn’t be
  • If plant services does the painting and such, it’d be a lot cheaper

-       Actions

  • ASC logo should be added somewhere in the room

Call to Question: M. Peterson

Seconded: L. Pekkola

Motion Passes: 6-0-0

2.5 Elections: GPA Rules: S. St. Cyr

Proposal: GPA requirement needs to be more explicit in the elections manual


-       Outcomes

  • Should say “if your GPA is below 2.5, Student Life will schedule a meeting with you to discuss if this role is a good fit for you”

-       Decisions

  • Should increase to 3.0
    • 2.75 would be better because 3.0 scares people
  • As peers this should not be in our hand
    • Student Life needs to dictate this
  • Needs to be done at the end of the year
  • The GPA cap is there because ASC is a big commitment who can also do leadership and school
  • Would go through Rick Muthiah and CAP coach

-       Actions

  • Nothing can be conclusive for this years team
  • This is Student Life’s realm we don’t need to deal with this


  • Commuter Trip
    • Mt. Hood
    • Sign up and deposit
    • Vans unless all reserved, then maybe a bus
    • Student Project Fund
      • Updated projects, they’re all moving forward!