J Rourke

Jay Rourke


My major is neither peace nor social justice.  My homework is mostly listening to and writing music.  While these are enjoyable and fascinating, they are by no means my life goals.  Music is the icing on the peace and reconciliation cake.

As a Friend I've learned about love, truth, and equality through a lens of truth in scripture and God's presence amongst us.  Above all other things I have found love to be overarching and encompassing of my goals.  I hope to continue to be an active pacificst speaking out against the war machine and encouraging understanding amongst enemies.  I hope I will continue to se my posessions as less valuable in exchange for the rights and needs of others.  I hope most of all, though, that I may be an instrument of implementing heaven on earth.

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Hye Kim - 2010-11


From my faith and love towards God, I found that God gifted me in science, especially biology.  The reason I like biology is because I can feel how amazing God is as a creator.  God makes and cares for even a little flower used in my learning.  The earth is elaborate and sophisticated in design. Thus, my goal is to add to my knowledge of biology and use the talent that God gave me to reveal the fragrance of God's love to people through my life and future career.

My future career plan is to be a medical doctor and misssionary in war zones and neglected countries.  To do this well, I need preparation in medicine and spiritual practice. I have found that George Fox is the best best place for both. George Fox education preopares me to function well in my professional life, and spiritually and medically through my major in biology.

Mark Kelley

Mark Kelley - 2010-11

Communication Arts

I officially became a Communication Arts major at the beginning of my sophomore year.  Interpersonal Communication was the class that sparked my interest in conflict resolution or counseling.  Ethics and War and Conscience made me passionate about nonviolent resistance, ending conflict, and bringing relief to those affected by it.

War and Conscience shattered my romantic picture of warfare. I witnessed how cities were leveled and I could not help but to picture each crumpled ruin as a young child’s grave. One day I was considering some of the conflicts we had discussed and I began tracing the origins of those wars to wars fought previously, and how those wars came about because of earlier wars.  It became clear to me that a war could do nothing but plant seeds for the next conflict; that the death of a soldier did nothing but prepare his son to die in the same way. I knew that if war only brought more bloodshed, then peace must bring more peace.

Ruth Prouty

Ruth Prouty 2010-11

 Family and Consumer Sciences

I am a Missionary Kid and grew up in Sydney, Australia, as one of the few English-speaking children in a multicultural community.  I was a minority, and at school there were only two other Anglo students in my class.  My best friends were recent migrants from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Turkey, China and Burma.  This multicultural atmosphere taught me many things and showed me the importance of sharing God's love with people who come from different backgrounds.  Over the years I learned what it felt like to be a minority in the majority's society, I observed the valuable role that food has in building relationships and bridging differences, and I learned that I can make a difference when I take the initiative.

Not only do I have a passion for food, but I also have a passion to use food and nutrition in ministry.  Food has the special ability to bring people from different backgrounds together and allows for fellowship despite language barriers or religious affiliations.  Food is a necessity, and I want to encourage others to eat healthy and providee them with the skills, resources, and knowledge to do so.

Kristy Luther

Kristy Luther - 2010-11


My work and study in the fields of psychology and international studies have clarified my future goals and plans.  The driving force behind my educational goals and career aspirations is justice at every level: from one's personal attitudes to the institutions of a given society. Through my own life, through my education, and through my future work, I seek to live in and work for justice as a response to God's call. I believe that this should be done through the model of Deuteronomy 4:5: "And you must love the Lord you God with all your heart, your soul, and all your strength." Loving God and living out justice must be done holistically, with each aspect of ourselves as a response to Him.

The main point of convergence between my studies and the pursuit of a life of justice and compassion occured in my semester abroad in the fall of 2009 with GoED. Every facet of GoED continues to challenge a different part of my preconceptions, my misconceptions, and my ignorance. Through skilful professors, prayerful preparation, Word-centered discussions, daily life, and a program that is structured to go beyond statistics and into reality, I'm not the person that I was last year, and I don't want to be. God showed Himself in places where I didn't expect him.


Amalija Laslo - 2009-10

International Studies

Studying International Relations and Peace Studies is of a high importance and value for me because of three very important aspects: broadening my world view, teaching my how to love my neighbor, and how to do unto others how I want them to do to me.  Alongside with a working experience, my plan is also to pursue a graduate degree in the same field of study.

My desire is to work towards peace among countries and nations, to help them as they are helping me to be in oneness as Jesus has prayed for us, and to help each other in a practical way.  Because I believe that building friendships in the spirit of God will help to bring a bit of peace to our troubled world, I'm committed to invest the gifts God has given me to be a better world citizen and a Christian who lives out their faith. God has given me redemption and new opportunities, but I need support, to be able to help others as God through other people have helped me.

Click here to read an article published in Voice of America on Amalija's experience of her time at George Fox University.

Meghan Hedley

Meghan Hedley - 2009-10

Art and Philosophy

"I am because we are, and since we are, therefore I am." These East African words of wisdom encourage my seeking of love for the neighbor.  I spent last semester in both Uganda and Rwanda, working with an international development organization titled Food for the Hungry.  After time in the international development field studying culture, literature, religion, peace, and reconciliation, I return to the spring semester of my junior year hopeing to atively pursue my double major of Studio Art and Philosophy with an emphasis on Peace Studies.

Art is beautiful in that it allows expression that emulates the heart of the artist and has the ability to speak to the audience, as well.  Philosophy provides a framework to my daily life, challenging me to live intentionally.  I will strive to be a leader no matter where I go and to learn from my surrounding peers and professors. I cannot predict the details of my future, but I live with the intent of seeking peace.