Amalija Laslo
International Studies major

Studying International Relations and Peace Studies is of a high importance and value for me because of three very important aspects: broadening my world view, learning to love my neighbor, and how to do unto others how I want them to do to me. Alongside a working experience, my plan is also to pursue a graduate degree in the same field of study.

My desire is to work towards peace among countries and nations, to help them as they are helping me to be in oneness as Jesus has prayed for us, and to help each other in a practical way.  Because I believe that building friendships in the spirit of God will help to bring a bit of peace to our troubled world, I'm committed to invest the gifts God has given me to be a better world citizen and a Christian who lives out their faith. God has given me redemption and new opportunities, but I need support, to be able to help others as God through other people have helped me.

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Meghan Hedley

Meghan Hedley
Studio Art & Philosophy major

"I am because we are, and since we are, therefore I am." These East African words of wisdom encourage my seeking of love for the neighbor. I spent a semester in both Uganda and Rwanda, through GoEd Africa, working with the international development organization Food for the Hungry. I received a research scholarship from George Fox University allowing me to spend a summer in Northern Ireland exploring the title of my project, "Who is My Neighbor?" After time in the international development field studying culture, literature, religion, peace, and reconciliation, I return to the spring semester of my junior year hoping to actively pursue my double major of Studio Art and Philosophy with an emphasis on Peace Studies.

Art is beautiful in that it allows expression that emulates the heart of the artist and has the ability to speak to the audience, as well. Philosophy provides a framework to my daily life, challenging me to live intentionally. I will strive to be a leader no matter where I go and to learn from my surrounding peers and professors. I cannot predict the details of my future, but I live with the intent of seeking peace.