Steinfeldt Scholars

Cara Vincent

Cara Vincent 

Junior - Politics Major

In the spring semester of my first year at George Fox, I took a religion class focused on the work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  It was the first time I had truly been exposed to a theology of peace, and an unexplainable transformation occurred within me as I learned about people who, in the face of what is considered to be one of the most horrific occurrences in history, stayed incredibly committed to peaceful action because of their faith.  That class left me in awe and my view of Christianity, the world, and the duty of Christians in the world went through incredible growth in that class.  It developed my belief that as a follower of Christ, I am called to pursue peace.

This eye-opening experience in my education along with other encounters has left me with a desire to learn more about peace and peacemaking, specifically through supporting and rehabilitating those at risk in communities.  I come from a poverty-stricken rural community in Oregon, and the brief glimpses of suffering I have seen in my community inspire me to offer hope to those in poverty, abusive, situations, broken homes, and those in a broken justice system.  I hope to do this through learning more about dispute and conflict resolution and extending to them security and resources to help them build peaceful lives.  I would like to earn a Peace Studies minor during my time here at Fox and then continue my studies after graduation through pursuing a masters in Dispute Resolution or law degree.  I hope this education will allow me to be part of a hopeful solution to those most vulnerable in communities.  Grace is one of the foundations of my faith, and I believe that working hard to pursue justice and advocate for those most vulnerable with a loving, gracious, and passionate heart can bring hope and peace to broken communities such as my hometown.

Shawn Durham

Junior - Spanish Major



Juan DeHowitt

Senior - Elementary Education Major