Emergency Notification System

There may be rare occasions during an emergency situation when it is necessary to attempt to contact the entire university community in a timely manner. Emergency notification will be initiated by the department of Campus Public Safety, office of the vice president of student life, or university public information office in most situations. The primary means of communication for George Fox University consists of the following:

  • Campus email system
  • SMS text message (to cellular phone numbers provided by students as an emergency contact) using the "FOXALERT" emergency alert system
  • "Runners"

Instructions to sign up for FOXALERT:

  1. Log in to your MyGeorgeFox account
  2. Click on Self Service
  3. Click on Campus Personal Information
  4. Click on Phone Numbers
  5. On the Phone Type pick list you MUST choose one of the Cell options. 
  6. Type in your phone number and click PREFERRED to receive text alerts
  7. Click SAVE. This will add your phone to the text messaging on Foxalert
If you need to add a number, click ADD A PHONE NUMBER
Always click SAVE after each addition. 
    1. The vice president for student life should be contacted, and he or she will make the decision as to whether an immediate decision needs to be made regarding locking down the campus or whether further consultation with the Crisis Management Team is possible given the nature of the incident.
    2. The FOXALERT Emergency Notification System is implemented to communicate to university employees and students to stay where they are and to stay away from campus (if they are not on campus at the time).
    3. In certain circumstances, it may be necessary for Campus Public Safety to call Plant Services to alert them to the danger and request assistance in locking down all campus buildings. Building monitors/alternates can be contacted to assist as well. Of course, this should only be done in a way that doesn't make university personnel a target.
    4. The appropriate personnel hits the lockdown switch for the cardlock system. Every residence hall is on 24-hour cardlock access, so this will pertain to other campus buildings that are cardlocked.
    5. The Newberg Police Department (supervisor) or appropriate agencies involved will take control of the situation when they arrive on campus.
    • Notification of and instructions for building monitors
    • Notification of and instructions for associate dean, area coordinators, and resident assistants
    • Notification of and instructions for administrative assistants
    • Emergency Alert on university website (in case of a regional emergency that shuts down the George Fox University website, the remote website is georgefox.info and it will convey critical information to the George Fox community).
    • Call-in for recorded announcements (503-554-EVNT)
  • In addition to the above strategies, the following communication procedures will be initiated as necessary:

    Campus Lockdown Procedures

    In most cases, the decision to lock down campus should be made by the vice president for student life in consultation with the president and/or the Crisis Management Team.