Enrollment at Multiple Institutions

All other Chapters of Benefits

Active Duty (Chapter 30), Post 9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33), Veteran-Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606), Reserve Educational Assistance Program (Chapter 1607), Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance Program (DEA) (Chapter 35), and Veterans‘ Educational Assistance Program (VEAP) (Chapter 32).

George Fox University will certify your George Fox courses; your other institution will certify its own courses.

You must consult with your George Fox Enrollment Counselor to obtain approval for courses you enroll in at the other institution. When you meet with your Enrollment Counselor you will be asked for a written description of the courses that you will be taking at the other institution. Please use this link to see Transfer Equivalencies: https://www.georgefox.edu/offices/registrar/undergrad/advising/trcredit_ug.html

Bring a copy of the course approval to the George Fox Certifying Official indicating that the courses will transfer to George Fox and apply to your degree program. An email from your Enrollment Counselor to the Certifying Official that includes a list of the approved courses is also acceptable.

Once approval is received, George Fox will send a Parent School Letter to the other institution, which permits the other institution to certify your enrollment in those courses.