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In the George Fox DPT program, innovation is a posture that informs everything we do in classrooms and clinical settings. You'll find that our faculty and students are not satisfied with the status quo and are focused on asking questions, assessing processes, and solving problems. Together we find solutions to the constant challenges our patients face which keeps this program on the cutting edge of physical therapy.

Preparation to Practice at the Top of the License

Each medical professional involved in patient care brings a unique blend of philosophical approach, educational background, clinical experience, and specific set of skills to the process. Working at the top of one’s license means that each professional’s activities utilize the full extent of their education, training and experience. By doing this, practitioners spend less time on other tasks and ultimately improve health outcomes and keep costs lower for patients.

At George Fox, experienced physicians teach and practice in each cohort, ensuring our students have the best primary care physical therapy training available. As a result, our students graduate prepared and trained as experts in a chosen area of physical therapy practice. This expertise is applied in internships, and a personal reflection project further defines what each student wishes to do as a healthcare provider.

Focus on the Whole Patient

An individual’s health and well-being go beyond just bones and muscles. At George Fox, physical therapy students are trained to focus on the whole person, considering not just their physical health but their mental, emotional and spiritual state as well.

From our postures of service and innovation, we address the areas healthcare is failing our patients. Often patients are lost somewhere in the referral process. Because of inconvenience, lapsed time or a perception of “good enough” recovery, 85 percent of referrals to physical therapists are not followed up.

By making ourselves available as part of a primary care team, patients come directly to physical therapy in a time of emergency or as part of their care. Unique to the physical therapy and healthcare industry, this is disruptive to the healthcare system, but we partner with advocates who practice hand-offs to PT in emergency care settings.

The service element of the George Fox DPT program is also a key element to our innovation, in that the program is centered around a patient-first approach of prioritizing patient needs over administrative structures in a way that the traditional healthcare industry is rarely able to achieve.


Cutting-Edge Innovation through PROMIS

George Fox has emerged as a national leader in holistic PT practice. Our students train to utilize the PROMIS® (Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System) intake assessment, a set of person-centered measures that evaluates and monitors physical, mental and social health, and particularly helps physical therapists to better treat individuals living with chronic conditions.

This new system has the potential to transform lives through better understanding holistic patient needs. All George Fox DPT students train in it, and our faculty are such experts that they train other medical professionals on a national level. 

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