Youth Science Classes

Class Schedule and Fees

We offer Youth Science Classes during both the fall and spring semesters. New class schedules are available mid-September and mid-January. Classes begin in late September/early October and late January/early February. Prices range from $60 to $80, usually dependent on the age of the student, length of class, and lab supplies.

Youth Science Classes are nonprofit, and we strive to keep costs as low as possible. For registration and additional program information, please call the Science Outreach Coordinator, Lorie Brubaker, at 503-554-2728.




Fall 2019
Youth Science Classes


Classes begin the week of October 7th and end the week of November 18th.  (7 weeks). Youth Science Classes are non-profit, and we strive to keep costs as low as possible. For registration and additional program information, please see the Science Outreach website at or call Lorie Brubaker at 503-554-2728.


Ages 6 to 8 ($60.00)  

Let’s Learn Anatomy and Physiology

Fridays, 10:00-11:00am, First class is October 11th., EHS Room 103 

Teachers: Loveleen Brar and Sarah Thompson


God has made our bodies so wonderfully to ensure that we function to live a happy and wholesome life.  In our class, we will have fun looking deep into some of the systems of the human body.  Students will do exercise and activities so that they can fully understand how we have been created to function.  Using models, we will study closely the heart, eye, ear, skin and much more!


Ages 9-11 ($70.00)

Neuron to Something!

Mondays, 3:00-4:30pm, First Class is October 7th., EHS Room 203

Teachers: Eliana Swan and Lili Cummings


Did you know that there are more nerve cells in the human brain than stars in the Milky Way?  The brain and other parts of the nervous system are incredibly complex, yet they help us live our lives every day without us even noticing them.  In this class, we get to explore the anatomy, the functions, and the applications of the nervous system.


Ages 12-14 ($80.00)

Conservation of Our Environment                     

Fridays, 12:30-2:30pm, First Class is October 11th., EHS Room 103

Teachers: Andrea Reichle and Carmen Hixson


What makes plants grow? How is paper made? Why does pollution hurt the ecosystem?


To answer these questions, we will learn about the plants, animals and the environment around us and how we can better conserver and protect this beautiful world we live in!  If you want to learn about recycling, composting, plant and animal interactions, and our part in it all, this is the class for you!



Mailing List

We maintain an email contact list. If you would like to be added to our list to receive updated Youth Science Classes flyers, or if you want a hard copy mailed to you, please contact the Science Outreach Coordinator at