Engineering together to serve others.

The George Fox University engineering department is compelled by the words of 1 Peter 4:10 - Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. Servant Engineering is one way we attempt to carry out this directive, along with our students, professional colleagues, and client service organizations. Servant Engineering provides a place where engineering students and professional partners can work together to develop technical solutions for organizations that are primarily focused on serving others.

  • Students - Our undergraduate students are studying - attempting to develop the gifts that they have been given. They face a future in which they will need more than solid expertise in their discipline to succeed. They will be expected to work with people of many different backgrounds to identify and achieve goals. They need educational experiences that can help them broaden their skills.
  • Partners - Our professional colleagues (and our graduates) will be working very hard to develop the infrastructure in which we all live. But it is important that they recognize that they have not been gifted as engineers for only 40 hours a week until they are 65, but 24 hours a day until the Lord calls them home. The gifts that they have been given and the skills that they have developed need to find outlets beyond remuneration. We have not been gifted to spend our resources on our own pleasures, but to serve others.
  • Clients - A myriad of service agencies face an uncertain future in which they must take advantage of technology to improve, coordinate, account for, and deliver the services they provide. They increasingly need the help of people with strong technical backgrounds - engineers who understand their role in building an infrastructure that allows others to utilize their gifts more effectively. It is our goal in Servant Engineering to serve those who serve others.

Servant Engineering brings these groups together to form an effective partnership to define problems, and then design, build, deploy, and support solutions to those problems. 

Read more about the beginnings of Servant Engineering in the George Fox Journal Fall 2011.