Arm Assist

Arm Assist


William Cody is a 19 year old who was born with Cushing’s disease, osteoporosis, and no joints in his hips or shoulders. Because of his ailments, he is physically weak and is barely able to move. He has very little movement in his neck, hands, and elbows. He has no mental ailments and has full vocal abilities.

Basic Project Description:

The goal of this project is to give William more control of his arms through the use of a sling. Sue Noble is an occupational therapist with Providence Home Health who is frequently helping WIlliam. She has a forearm sling that William uses to suspend his hand over his table so that he is able to write and draw. Sue wants a new and improved bracket to hold the sling in the air and be able to be attached to his bed or his wheelchair. This sling will help him move his arms more freely.


We have delivered our side of the project to William as of September 14th, 2012. Sue was not able to meet us there with the slings, but she will be able to set up the apparatus. We are waiting to hear back from Sue about how well it works. The portions of the project that we have left are answering questions for them and visiting their house, if required to do so.

Possible Solutions:

There are a number of possible solutions. Three of the proposed solutions are overhead support attachments and one proposed solution is an under-arm support. The overhead solutions differ in the number of overhead attachment points and have varying movement and stability abilities