Evergreen Aviation Museum


The client is the Evergreen Aviation Museum. Not only do they have a great collection of aircraft, they also have interactive displays that can educate the public.

Basic Project Description:

Included in the museum is a Kid’s Zone, which contains a variety of exhibits that demonstrate different aspects of aviation, such as the effects of tilting the flaps up or down on the wings of a plane. However, because these are all fairly interactive, many of them receive a considerable amount of wear and tear. Our group will be taking some of the displays that are not currently functioning and attempt to repair them.


This project doesn’t have the typical “design cycle” process. As soon as we get the items to fix, we will be looking at what is wrong and either fixing the problem, or designing an alternative solution.

Possible Solutions:

We hope to implement a solution that is more durable: the displays get a lot of use, so an ideal fix-up would be able to withstand daily use.