World Water Project

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In third world countries, clean water is an essential resource that is not always cheap, reliable, efficient or even available to everyone. Through the years, scientists and Engineers have developed several means for water purification. One method that has been gaining popularity in the market for both its affordability and reliability is UV (Ultra Violet) light purification.

George Fox University has teamed with Water Missions International to take on a challenging project; design and develop a bike rack to carry a UV water purification system on it. The objective set by George Fox for this man powered water treatment system, is to purify unsafe water as quickly as 2.5 gallons per minute.


Conceptual Description:

The current status of this project is difficult to define, as this is more of a research project than a design project. Currently, we are in the Project Identification stage of the design cycle, as we are gathering information about the technology, stakeholders, and objectives. However, with regards to the LWTS design as a whole, it is in Phase 4: Detailed Design and Build, as it is undergoing efficiency testing and redesign.  

Possible Solutions:

One alternative media considered is Macrolite, a ceramic filter media that is capable of removing suspended solids below 3 microns, has a high loading rate (up to 10 gpm/ft2) and has a low backwash rate (8 gpm/ft2).