Cycling (2019)


GroupX (group exercise) programs is a great way to pursue health and wellness within community! We offer a variety of classes to serve different needs and interests, and have dedicated instructors who are passionate about helping you meet and exceed your personal fitness goals. GroupX classes are free to anyone with access into the Hadlock Student Center!

Resister through IM Leagues to see the most up-to-date class schedule and sign up as a participant. Please note that classes fill up quickly and we have limited space.

Class Policies

  • Equipment provided for class (resistance bands, weights, jump ropes, etc.) may not be taken out of the room. Please return all equipment to its proper location at the end of class. Resistance BandsMini BandsResistance Bands with Handles provided by Living.Fit
  • All groupx class participants must sign up in advance.
  • Rubber-soled, non-marking shoes must be worn in all groupx classes. Your instructor will announce when bare feet are appropriate.
  • Please withdraw as a participant on IMLeagues at least one hour before your class begins if you are unable to attend. No-shows or frequent late cancellations will result in a temporary suspension from attending groupx classes.
  • Please make your instructor aware of any injury, physical limitations, or need for modifications before the class begins.
  • Cell phone use is not permitted during classes. Please silence your cell phone and refrain from answering calls or texting during class time.
  • Current George Fox undergraduate students will have priority on class spots
  • All class participants are encouraged to bring a towel and a water bottle to class. Towels may be borrowed at the front desk.
  • Each class lasts 30 to 50 minutes. Access to classes is closed five minutes after class begins.
  • Participants may not save bikes, equipment or spots for others.
  • All personal items should be kept in provided cubbies or lockers.

2022-23 Group X Instructors


Mason Bertand

Classes: MMA & Self Defense, Indoor Cycling

"My class gives people the ability to learn lifelong skills such as self defense, fitness, and confidence!"




Eden Del Valle

Classes: Indoor Cycling

"I love teaching indoor cycling because it creates a high energy environment that makes it easy to stay in shape. Indoor cycling is a community fitness that brings people together. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to create this experience for others. It’s my goal to push people to reach their full fitness potential while having a fun time."



Amelia W.

Classes: Yoga

"I love getting to share the practice of yoga with others, especially fellow students. Yoga has many benefits both physical and mental and I can testify to that experience in my own life. Leading others to practice connecting to the breath and body finding comfort and calm is a blessing in my life."




Jen McCue

Classes: Circuit Training

"I love teaching my fitness class because it allows me to connect with many different people on campus that I normally wouldn't have the chance to interact with. I also like seeing people push themselves in new ways and see the excitement on their face when they accomplish something like a great workout."