Accessing Funds

(Note: There are other requirements of the Richter program that are in the grant guidelines and are not repeated in this section.)

Reimbursement of Approved Grant Expenses-- Any expenses in the approved budget that are not part of a stipend will be paid by submitting a reimbursement request to the Office of Psychology Dept., Box 6127. Print and fill out the Request for reimbursement of expenses form as a cover sheet for the documentation of the expenses.

It is important that you provide documentation for each expenditure (receipts are required). For example, if you mail out surveys and paid for the postage, you should have a receipt from the post office. If you paid for printing or copying, there should be a statement from the office or firm. Approved travel in your own vehicle can be reimbursed if the destination, number of miles and the mileage rate (.40¢/mile) are specified. Reimbursement for approved air travel, lodging, and meals requires that documentation be attached. In general, we will not be able to pay for things in advance, based on the estimated cost. If this creates a cash flow problem for you, you can get a statement of expected cost from the vendor and submit it to Carol Jaquith, Psychology Office.

Approved Grant Stipends
  1. Period of payment: Prior to the period during which you expect to do your work and during which you would like to receive the stipend, notify Carol Jaquith in the Psychology office of this period of time. She will in turn notify the Human Resources Office with the amount and the period of time for payment.
  2. Required Documentation to Receive a Stipend: The tax laws require that we treat the stipends as taxable income, not as scholarships, so recipients need to be registered with the Human Resources Office as employees. This means that unless you have previously worked as a GFU employee, you need to go the Psychology office and fill out an I-9 form and a W-4 form. The I-9 requires two forms of acceptable identification, such as a passport, birth certificate, Social Security card, or other approved documents.
  3. Monthly Payment of Stipends: During the period of time you have indicated that you intend to do the work, approved stipend payments will be sent to you at the address provided to the Human Resources Office. Note that the guidelines provide that the faculty sponsor may direct that the stipends be terminated if he or she is convinced you are not satisfactorily carrying out the grant project. Therefore, it is important that you communicate regularly with your faculty sponsor.

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