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Mission Statement

The mission of the Family and Consumer Sciences Department is: "To improve the quality and standard of individuals and family life through:
  • education
  • research
  • cooperative programs
  • and public information"
(Official Mission of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences)
As professionals at a Christian liberal arts university, this mission is expanded to include not only the academic and social, but also the spiritual development of our students.

Ultimately, the goal is to empower students to fulfill God's highest calling on their lives by:

  • Integrating Christian liberal arts with all the components of Family and Consumer Sciences.
  • Being on the cutting edge in the areas of technology, humanities, and science as applied to this discipline.
  • Understanding the development of personal and interpersonal skills to enhance personal, marital, and family relationships.
  • Comprehending the significance of social, economic, political, and multicultural influences on human life.
  • Developing as an individual - physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially - across the life span.
  • Becoming a lifelong learner, especially in the arena of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Family and Consumer Sciences Major (B.S. Degree)

Students may also choose a concentration in fashion and interior design.

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