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Time Will Tell

This year the George Fox University Players explore the theme “Time Will Tell,” stories of time; our struggle against it, our longing for it, and our place within it. These true, original stories investigate the places in which God has been shaping us.The stories are told in three acts. 

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The 2012-2013 Performance of Enough Already!

About the University Players

The George Fox University Players continue a 30-year tradition of bringing thought-provoking drama to schools, churches, and prisons. Through the years, this touring company of seven young men and women has presented a wide variety of music and drama to hundreds of schools, churches and prisons. Each program is designed to benefit a specific audience, whether it is for elementary school children, a youth group, or an entire church congregation.

The stories told by the George Fox University Players are original scripts created by the students and the director. Simple props, costumes, and instruments are used to enhance the presentations.

For more information about the University Players or to book a performance, call 503-554-2133 or email