University Players Performance Summaries

2014-2015 Performance Summary

Point Me Home

We share our stories in three acts: stories of beginnings and starts, times when we are turned around, and when in our lostness, we discover what we are really looking for. Times when the path changes.

Sometimes being found is easy. Sometimes we have to fight for it. 

Descriptions of some of the stories we'll tell: 

    • Campus: Lost in a strange city, a new college student tries not to panic.
    • Dark Night: A Girl Searches through difficult questions around a first kiss
    • Arizona: A Family’s Nighttime routine becomes a child’s anchor in a hard time
    • Breakup: A student tackles heartache with a Volvo and a sentimental song
    • Handhold: Siblings search for stability while facing the death of a parent
    • DC: A student searches for the Lincoln memorial and finds himself
    • The Bon: A Freshman scans a crowded cafeteria for a familiar face
    • Wagon Train: A determined child conquers the Oregon Trail 

2013-2014 Performance Summary

Highway 18

This year the Players explore stories of traveling down Highway 18 — who we are, where we go, and what we encounter along the way. Interwoven with music and masks, they tell stories from their own lives on their journeys toward identity. Their stories are told in three acts.

Act 1, Life: When we survey the road ahead and wonder which direction to take.

Act 2, Death: When our journey is interrupted and we are stopped in our tracks.

Act 3, Resurrection: When out of the rubble, new life begins.