Student Perspectives

Not all ADP programs are created equal ...

Ninety-five percent of our adult degree program graduates rated their George Fox experience as "good" or "excellent."*

* 2012 ADP Alumni Survey (300 Respondents)

What our students are saying ...

"Excellent experience all the way from the first meeting with a counselor to graduation. Unbeatable educational support. This was far above and beyond the normal adult degree struggle."

"The satellite campus is convenient to those who live in the Portland and Vancouver areas. The flexibility of being able to take classes online as well as intensives made all the difference for me. The round-the-clock support from educators is unmatched, and they really really care about you."

Shaun Davis

When a fire destroyed Shaun Davis' family home, faculty, staff and fellow students from her ADP cohort rallied around her on a personal and spiritual level that paved the way for her success.

Lori Nguyen ('11) Lori Nguyen ('11)
Founder and CEO, Diamond Group Marketing, Henderson, Nev.

"Earning my bachelor's degree late in life was a great accomplishment, and I am proud to have selected George Fox's online Management and Organizational Leadership program. It fit my lifestyle while I worked full time in corporate marketing. What I learned I am using today, from Finance 101 to Operational Management, in my own companies."

Jim Ferraris ('13) Jim Ferraris ('13)
Deputy Chief of Police in Salem, Ore., Police Department

“I work in a world of folks who are educated professionals from a variety of disciplines. While I am very experienced in my field and enjoy a great reputation, both locally and nationally, my confidence always lacked because I did not have a formal degree. Now I am more confident in my day-to-day work, when dealing with people and groups and when speaking publicly. Having a degree from George Fox makes me a serious contender to be a police chief, which is a career aspiration of mine.” Read more on the Bruin Blog

AJ DeLaRosa ('09) AJ DeLaRosa ('09)
Marketing Sales Rep, Keizer, Ore.

“I have attended a few other colleges and none of them gave me a sense of belonging like George Fox did. The education I received here enabled me to grow as an individual in both my work life and personal life. I also feel that the professors are first class at George Fox. They took time to get to know me academically and personally, which was important to me in my learning experience.”

Darien Gutierrez ('10) Darien Gutierrez ('10)
Owner, Mt. Hood Hearing Aid Center, Portland, Ore.

“I can honestly say that I enjoy going to school and that I love my professors and classmates. The teaching style, the life-learning essays, and the cohort-style classes show me that George Fox truly understands the challenges faced by an adult learner. I feel confident in knowing that all of the staff wants me to succeed and is willing to help me reach my academic goals as a student.”

Note: Darien is a second-generation adult learner at George Fox, following in the footsteps of her mother Lynne Chartier (below).

Melissa Bradley ('09) Melissa Bradley ('09)
Staff Assistant, Salem Area Mass Transit, Salem, Ore.

“Ultimately, George Fox gave me the ability to achieve my personal goals while balancing a career and family. The encouragement, education and perspectives of the professors have been invaluable to me. They have the hands-on experience to help students address practical organization problems or situations. The professors really feel more like mentors and strive to help students achieve their goals, whether it be with their faith, family, school or career.”

William Stuckey

William Stuckey always wanted to finish his bachelor's degree. Today, he's achieving that goal, both for himself and to inspire his daughter.

Wendy Zagorodney ('09) Wendy Zagorodney ('09)
Independent Sales Representative, Mulitple Orthopedic Device Manufacturers, Portland, Ore.

"The program at George Fox was exactly what I needed – challenging but not overwhelming – and flexible enough to balance my time with work and family. I loved the cohort structure. Going through the program with the same group of students and many of the same instructors was comfortable and gave continuity to each class."

Jacqueline Bass Jacqueline Bass
Bachelor's Degree in Management and Organizational Leadership Program ('09) Tualatin, Ore.

“The George Fox staff has always been readily available to answer questions or give me direction when it came to completing the requirements necessary to obtain my degree. What can I say, other than if you are looking for a place that will support you in attaining your education and career goals, George Fox is the school for you.”

Shayne Rowan ('09) Shayne Rowan ('09)
Client Care Manager, Columbia Ultimate, Vancouver, Wash.

“It has been hard work to finish my degree, and there have been sacrifices that I and my family have made, but George Fox has been a partner that cares about my success, and that is why I love the program.”

Lynne Chartier ('91) Lynne Chartier ('91)
Client Delivery Team Manager, WebMD Health Services, Portland, Ore.

“Completing my degree gave me the confidence to start my career in management, which then led to my completing a conventional master’s program. From there my career advanced rapidly. I am able to say without a doubt that George Fox gave me the career start I needed to become a successful manager and director without sacrificing my family.”

From the 2012 ADP Alumni Survey:

"The curriculum was well developed, paced evenly, and supported by great to decent professors. The workload was not overwhelming and combined well with my employment schedule."

From the 2012 ADP Alumni Survey:

"The program is designed to integrate well into a busy work schedule without being overwhelming. The assigned curriculum required good time management skills but did not keep me from enjoying down time. I earned my bachelor's degree in a short time and took a great deal of transferable knowledge into my current employment."

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