Prior Learning Assessment

School of Professional Studies students

What is 'Life-Learning Credit?'

Life-learning credit, or "prior-learning credit," is credit earned when a student demonstrates learning he or she has gained outside a traditional college classroom. This type of credit is often referred to as “credit for life experience,” even though the credit is awarded based on the learning that resulted from the experience—not the experience itself. Since prior-learning credit is nontraditional, evaluation has to be done very carefully to ensure that it meets George Fox University’s standards for quality.

Please submit all Prior Learning submissions via e-mail to

Life-Learning Credit Forms

Life-Learning Credit Resources 

Prior Learning Submission Deadlines

For those planning to graduate Spring 2014 or after:

  • Spring (April/May) Commencement - The last day of the previous Fall term (December)
  • August Completion - The last day of the previous Spring term (April/May)
  • Fall (December) Commencement - The last day of the previous Summer term (August)

(deadlines updated 11/28/12)

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