If you are invited to compete at Scholarship Competition, you will need to submit the following materials via e-mail to Steve Classen at sclassen@georgefox.edu by January 23. Please contact Professor Classen directly with any questions you might have.

On Campus Scholarship Examination Process

Part I – Oral Presentation
Scholarship applicants must prepare a 3-5 minute speech describing how George Fox University can help them grow as both a student and as a Christian. The speech will be presented to Department of Communication Arts Faculty Members during the on-campus interview. Speakers may use whatever notes they feel are necessary to give the best presentation possible. Interview time is limited so please make sure your speech honors the time limits established.

Part II – Interview with Faculty
Each scholarship applicant will be asked to engage in EITHER a group problem solving case study OR an interview with Department of Communication Arts faculty members on campus. In the group problem solving case study, applicants will be placed into a group and provided a conflict case study that they will be asked to resolve (as a group). In the interview, each student should be prepared to discuss such things as a brief autobiographical sketch, personal goals, why the student wants to study Journalism, and how he/she might handle a hypothetical communication interaction. The interview should last between five and fifteen minutes. Applicants will be notified in advance as to which type of interview to prepare for.