Sociology is the study of human social life with a focus on understanding groups. Majors develop their

critical thinking skills in areas of study that address culture, socialization, the family, class, gender, race

and ethnicity, social change, and social justice (among others). Studying sociology enables students

to critically engage the social world and use their skills and insights to work for Kingdom values.

Sociological skills are useful in a broad range of work environments including non-profits, churches, and


The sociology scholarship competition will include reading a short (5 page) selection of an accessible

sociological classic describing the “sociological imagination.” Then competitors will be shown several

pictures of social life and asked to write an approximately 500 word essay applying the sociological

imagination to one of the images. Applicants will conclude their application with a short interview with

faculty. Topics of discussion will include a brief discussion of the essay as well as why the student is

interested in sociology. Students are encouraged to ask questions of faculty.

Please address any questions about this competition to Chris Morrissey at