Preliminary Administrative License (PreAL)

School Administrator License at George Fox University, Students

The Preliminary Administrative License (PreAL), formerly the Initial Administrative License, is designed to prepare competent and ethical leaders to meet the personnel needs of schools in Oregon. This can best be accomplished by partnering with public and private schools to identify and develop leaders who have an equal commitment to develop these skills with faith, vision and love as their foundation.

George Fox University offers candidates the opportunity to earn as many as two licenses that prepare educators to serve in Oregon public or private schools as PreK-12 building and district-level administrators. The preliminary administrative license can be earned as a specialization in the Master of Education (MEd) degree, as a stand-alone license past the master's degree, or as part of the Doctor of Education (EdD) degree. The Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) requires documentation of at least three years of successful licensed teaching or personnel experience in public schools or regionally-accredited private schools.

The George Fox PreAL Program emphasizes the TSPC standards for demonstrating district-level competency in the following content knowledge, skills and dispositions:

  1. Visionary leadership. Candidate develops, articulates, implements, and stewards a vision by promoting community involvement.
  2. Instructional improvement. Candidate promotes a positive culture and provides effective instructional programs using best practice to design comprehensive professional growth plans.
  3. Effective management. Candidate manages the organization, operations, and resources of the school or district.
  4. Inclusive practice. Candidate collaborates with families, responds to interests/needs, and mobilizes community resources.
  5. Ethical leadership. Candidate acts fairly, ethically and with integrity.
  6. Socio-political context. Candidate understands, influences and responds to the larger context.
  7. Practicum experience. The practicum provides significant opportunities for candidates to synthesize and apply the knowledge and practice and develop the skills identified in Standards 1-6 through: 1) substantial, 2) sustained, 3) standards-based work, 4) in real settings, 5) planned and guided cooperatively by the institution and school district personnel, 6) for graduate credit.


The Preliminary Administrative License program consists of five foundation or core courses, followed by a year-long sequence of practicum experiences and projects. The candidates transfer core course content into actual practice in school settings. This course work can be embedded within a master's program or may be taken as a licensure-only program accessed through face-to-face or online classes as scheduled.

Core Courses (13 semester hours)

Instructional Supervision (3 hrs)
Leadership in Education (3 hrs)
Managing Instructional Budgets (1 hour)
Ethical Perspectives on Educational Leadership (3 hrs)
Legal Perspectives on Educational Policy and Finance (3 hrs)

Practica (5 hrs)

Portfolio Capstone (1 hour)
Initial Administrator Practicum I (2 hrs, fall)
Practicum II (2 hrs, spring)

Practicum Experience

The two semesters of practicum have three components: Practicum experiences may begin at the completion of at least three of the four core classes, or concurrently with the core in the cohort format, or on the approval of the program director for candidates who are assigned half-time administrator positions.

The university supervisor and site mentors will meet to verify the candidate's demonstration and documentation of the following knowledge, skills, and competencies listed in OAR 584-017-0251.

Portfolio and Capstone Presentation

Each candidate will begin to assemble a professional portfolio at the start of EDFL Practicum I, and will add to that portfolio throughout their practicum, ending with Practicum II. The candidate’s completed portfolio is presented in the Portfolio Capstone and must document satisfactory performance in at least five of the following areas of responsibility as listed in OAR 584-017-0280.