Rick Muthiah

Rick Muthiah

Director of Learning Support Services

Polly Peterson

Pollly Peterson 

Assistant Professor of English/Associate Director of the Academic Resource Center

Heather Harney

Heather Harney

ARC Coordinator





Amanda Burr

Major: English
Minor: Women's Studies and Psychology
Areas of Interest: Psychology, writing for publication, grammar rules, MLA

Becker Jade

Jade Becker

Major: English
Minor: TESOL
Areas of Interest: MLA style, literary criticism, building a thesis, strengthing claims, exploring culture, devotionals
Danie Travis

Danie Travis

Major: Biology
Minors: Spanish & Chemistry
Areas of Interest: Microbiology, or rather, the study of infectious disease, really interests me, as well as synthetic reactions in organic chemistry. I'm interested in the etymology of commonplace language and the many different ways people communicate similar ideas. I'm interested in increasing my own vocabulary so I try to read often, usually classics or fiction novels.


Emma Bloomquist

Major: Biology
Areas of Interest: Ecology and conservation


Adrian Moons

Major: Philosophy and English
Areas of Interest: Classical piano, both in playing and listening; reading theology and philosophy


Isaac Bruns

Major: English
Minor: Marketing
Areas of Interest: Personal narratives, fiction writing, Bible subjects, grammar, MLA formatting, brainstorming, organization, and strengthening arguments


Dakota Buhler

Major: English- Concentration in Secondary Education
Areas of Interest: Literary analysis, research papers, WPHP papers, nonfiction, journalism and other writing assignments. I also have familiarity with many communication assignments (I was an organizational communication major for a year).


Hannah Dierdorff

Major: English
Areas of Interest: Poetry, mountains, books, research, theology, editing, creative writing, coffee, deep questions, adventure, philosophy, fireplaces, people, history


Megan Beam

Major: International Studies + Journalism
Areas of Interest: Reading, photography, movies, travel, missions, hiking, adventures!