About ASC

The Preamble to the ASC Constitution states:

“We, the members of the Associated Student Community of George Fox University, being authorized by the Board of Trustees, for the purpose of promoting spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social student development; to improve the general welfare of each student; to provide quality services and activities for the student body; to encourage and facilitate communication between students, faculty, and administration; and to represent the student body University concerns, do hereby establish this Constitution.”

Basically, the members of ASC are here to help you! We ask that you hold us accountable for both making decisions that accurately reflect student opinion and for accomplishing our stated purpose.

We want to hear what you think about campus issues! You can use this website or the ASC Facebook page to offer us your opinions, concerns, and suggestions about any topic of student life. These venues will also keep you updated on the latest news, events, and work of the Associated Student Community.

Please feel free to email, or stop by the ASC offices!