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Student Project Fund Information

bruin mascot

These are the following Projects that have been funded through the Student Project fund for the 2012-2013 Academic Year.

  • New Bruin Mascot: $6,159.70 Proposed from Lacey Carlson last year.

  • Outlets in the Bruin Den: up to $800.00- Original proposal by Rachel Miligan,  modified by Jessica Stanton. The additional outlets in the den were installed over Christmas break 2012.

  • Covered Bike Racks: up to $5,356.00. This is a project, proposed by Margaret Vogt and Ryan Rudnick, is set to be installed over the summer by Plant Services. The location will be over by Winters Apartments.

  • 2 New Punching Bags: up to $607.88. This project, proposed by Wesley Jones, is still in the process of being installed. Status update to come.

  • Additional AED’s: up to $2,428.00- Thanks to this years AAC staff and Christina Polowicz, one more AED has been installed in the Le’Shana Lobby.

  • 3 new Ping Pong Tables: $2453.49-  Justin Vanier submitted a proposal for three new ping pong tables on campus, Spring 2012. the locations for these new ping pong tables are Bruin Ground, Coffin, and HMS basement.

Learn more about us through the George Fox University Vimeo channel.