We will be offering Concur Training August 7-11, 2017.
Please contact Matt Hammar to set up a 20 minute appointment between
10am-12pm and 1-3pm daily Monday, August 7 – Friday, August 11.

(The next available training will be the week of August 21-25. Times to be determined.)

Concur Expense

Concur Expense is now available to process GFU expense reimbursements. It’s available immediately and is mandatory for submitting expense reimbursements. All expenses need to be submitted based on these parameters: Please do not submit a Report until there is a Total of $50.00 in Reimbursable Costs or every 90 days, whichever comes first. (There is a processing cost per report, so in an effort to manage that cost, please wait until you have $50.00 in mileage/receipts to submit your report.)

Save this link

  • Click this link to access Concur Travel and Expense:
  • Bookmark the login page to make it easy to launch Concur in the future.
  • Your login ID is your George Fox email address.  In order to set your password for the first time, click on the “Forgot your password?” link or visit this link directly.  Be sure to check the option “Send me an email with a link to reset my password” before clicking Submit.

Here is an additional training resource you can use as you start to familiarize yourself with Concur and start submitting Expense reports. Please remember that a necessary step in setting up your account is to enter in your bank account information under your profile. This enables you to be reimbursed via direct deposit.  

Update your profile

Before using Concur Expense for the first time, you must update your profile by clicking the Profile link at the top of the My Concur page and then reviewing, updating and saving your profile information. You will need to enter your bank account information for direct deposit. Reimbursement will no longer be processed via check.

Concur mobile application

On your mobile device, you can:

  • Download the Concur mobile application
  • Upload receipt images on the go
  • Create and submit expense reports

 Visit Concur’s mobile application toolkit to get started and learn what platforms are supported!

 Training and Help

The Concur Training Site contains all of the necessary steps to start learning how to use Concur. Click on each Video to learn about the process. If you need assistance, please email

 While in Concur, you can also click Help on the My Concur page anytime. Within Help, you can view a training demonstration or use the Help feature.


Special note to approvers

Expenses will route to you automatically for approval and you will receive an email. Please take a look at the approval training video.

If you need assistance, please email

 For you and other employees, Concur Expense will:

  • Reduce the time spent completing an expense reimbursement
  • Minimize the hassle of completing the expense process
  • Provide pre-populated expense reports
  • Require fewer key strokes to request reimbursement

 Please use Concur Expense to save time completing expense reports. Your efforts will lead to greater workplace efficiency and a better experience for you – letting you focus on what matters most!


Concur and GFU Visa Reconciliation

All Visa transactions posted from June 26, 2017 forward will need to be reconciled through Concur. Your Visa charges will automatically populate into your Concur account and then you will need to create a report for them. Keep your Visa reconciliation and Expense Reimbursements as separate reports in Concur.



Concur, ExpenseIt app…

There will be more to come about Concur, apps to use with Concur, and further guidelines and tips in the coming weeks…